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Fan Expo Canada 2018: Saturday!

Let’s just start off by saying that Saturday is the roughest of the convention. It is packed with THOUSANDS of people, so good luck trying to shop for anything. I always suggest scheduling photo-ops, autographs and panels for this day if possible because your going to be stuck standing in lines and crowds regardless. This… Continue reading Fan Expo Canada 2018: Saturday!

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Fan Expo Canada: Sunday + Haul!

The Gush Remember how I was questioning how in the world I managed to survive going to a con for 4 days in a row during my last post? I’m seriously questioning it even harder now. I am actually so exhausted…and I took Saturday off to relax. I really must be getting old. Other than… Continue reading Fan Expo Canada: Sunday + Haul!

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For those who don’t know me very well, Back To The Future is my favourite film of all time. I remember way back when DVD players were a new thing (wow I feel really oldĀ  be able to say that) and my mom had just bought a new DVD player for my Dad for Christmas.… Continue reading GREAT SCOTT! IT’S WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 21st 2015!