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Top 5 Favourites: March 2019!


Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start a new feature on this blog where I talk about my top 5 favourites for each month! I’ll be covering everything from books to movies to beauty and more, so be sure to stay tuned for these posts at the end of each month! Here are my top 5 faves from March 2019!



I Want To Eat Your Pancreas by Yoru Sumino

I won’t lie, this manga first caught my attention by its title alone. It was such a juxtaposition compared to the cover art! If you liked Orange or Your Name, my guess is that you would LOVE I Want To Eat Your Pancreas…just prepare yourselves with a box of tissues.


I literally have not watched a single movie this month. I had every intention of going to see Captain Marvel but I just haven’t had the time! Hopefully I will once this post had been published/before End Game hits theatres.

TV Show


The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

Oh man, so I have become recently obsessed with two Netflix series, the first being The Umbrella Academy & the second being Queer Eye. I couldn’t decide which to feature, but I think I’ll go with The Umbrella Academy as I have already watched the entire series twice. I read the comics a while back and I must say that this adaptation was a lot more entertaining than I remember the comics being. I can’t wait for the second season…cause there has to be one with that ending right?!?!


Stray Kids – Clé 1: Miroh

The kids have made a comeback! I absolutely love Stray Kids and I’m so happy to see how successful they have become internationally! This album is a masterpiece from start to finish and it’s even more impressive once you realize that three of the young men wrote and composed a majority of the songs. We love self-producing kings. While the title track Miroh was a bop, I highly recommend checking out Chronosaurus – my favourite track from the album.



Milk Hydro Grip Primer

This category is probably going to feature some random items from month to month, but today let’s stick to a beauty product! I got a sample of Milk Hydro Grip Primer and I’ve absolutely been loving it. It really just helps prep your skin for make up to go on smoothly and to actually stay put! I may have to buy a full size bottle once I run out!

There you have it! My top 5 favourites in a variety of categories for the month of March! What were your favourite things this month?!

Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourites: March 2019!

  1. I adored the Umbrella Academy. The family is just so dysfunctional, but are obviously stronger together than they are apart. It also basically proved to Disney that they don’t need Marvel comics to make quality comic book based shows.
    I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is such a random title. It sounds awesome!!!


  2. I started watching Umbrella Academy the other day, i’m currently only two episodes in so I suspect I have a bunch of shocks to come my way but I’m loving it so far!


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