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Fan Expo Canada 2018: Sunday!


Hello! Welcome back to my final installment of my experience at Fan Expo Canada 2018! I spent the day with 4 friends who were only attending on the Sunday, so it was fun to re-explore what I had already seen earlier in the con! To learn more about my Thursday experience, click here. To learn more about my Saturday experience, click here!

Sunday is the day best used to go back to things you saw earlier throughout the con that you were unsure about at first. Saw a Funko you really wanted, but couldn’t decide if you wanted to spend money on it or not? Go back on Sunday and see if your heart really wants it or not. Also, a lot of booths (especially in Artist Alley) will start to put their products on sale in hopes of getting rid of extra stock! Without further ado, here is everything that I purchased on the final day of Fan Expo Canada!



Look, I’ve wanted a Snorlax for a while now okay. I literally own no other Pokémon plushies, but there is just something so adorable about Snorlax and I needed him. I’m also pretty cautious when it comes to buying anything surprise bag/blind box related, but these Sailor Moon figures were so cute, especially in these outfits, that I didn’t mind getting any one of them. Luck was on my side though and I got Jupiter a.k.a. my absolute fave. I also really don’t care about the squishee trend, but I LOVE Keroppi and I needed this one. Also, it smells amazing which was a bonus and I’m sure it’ll come in handy when I feel like I just need to squeeze something at work! Last, but not least, I got a Mr. Robot Elliot Masked Funko exclusive from last year that has been on my list to own since I knew it existed. I’ve definitely been slacking in watching the show, but I really do need to catch up ASAP.



As mentioned in my Thursday Fan Expo recap, I couldn’t really find a lot of the books that were on my list to own. It seemed like they had a lot of first volumes, but not a lot of the most recent when it came to graphic novels. I did, however, find volume 4 of Paper Girls which I’ve read, but didn’t own a copy of! I’m so glad I was able to find at least one book on my list!

Artists Alley


Sundays are great in Artist Alley because a lot of the artists have started applying small discounts to their prints and other items! It’s a great day to go back and look at things that you saw earlier in the weekend and make your final decision as to whether or not you want to purchase something! This is your last chance! And guess what…everything was kpop related again…haha oops.

(Artist info: Shooky & Space Suga Keychains – seamii, BTS Army Bomb Keychain, Lightstick Washi Tape & Lightstick stickers – fanseadraws, BTS V Singularity print – artist unknown…please help me find them to give proper credit!)

There you have it! My Sunday Fan Expo experience!

Thank you for reading!


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