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Fan Expo Canada 2018: Saturday!


Let’s just start off by saying that Saturday is the roughest of the convention. It is packed with THOUSANDS of people, so good luck trying to shop for anything. I always suggest scheduling photo-ops, autographs and panels for this day if possible because your going to be stuck standing in lines and crowds regardless. This usually works out anyway as most celebrities are scheduled for Saturday appearances! If you’d like to learn more about a calmer day suited for shopping, check out my re-cap of Thursday at Fan Expo!

This was my sisters first time ever at Fan Expo and let me tell you, I think she could have enjoyed it a lot more if she attended literally any other day. However, Saturday was the day for her as we both went halvsies on a photo op that you’ll learn more about below!

Celebrity Photo-Ops


I took m y own advice and had a photo-op scheduled for Saturday with none other than Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. My sister and I are huge Back To The Future fans and we absolutely HAD to make this happen. This was the reason that I purchased a Premium Pass for photo-op pre-orders. It was such a fantastic moment to get to meet these two, especially Michael J. Fox as I have met Christopher Lloyd twice before! Seeing the two of them together was actually magical.



As mentioned above, it’s really hard to shop around on Saturday and I didn’t end up buying much in terms of collectibles at all. I did manage to find this super cool Back To The Future OUTATIME licence place. At least I kept my purchases on brand right?

Artists Alley


We were smart and checked out Artist Alley first thing before the giant crowds got too large and I managed to find more BTS related merch…is anyone surprised?  The literal only two things that aren’t BTS related here are the A Clockwork Orange pin in the bottom left hand corner and the Yuri On Ice!!! keychain in the bottom right hand corner. Aren’t these things all so cute?!

(Artist info: BTS IDOL Stickers & BTS BT21 Stickers – seamii, Suga Not Today Keychain – galaxynabi, A Clockwork Orange pin –, BTS Euphoria print – katamism, Yuri On Ice!!! Keychain, Suga + Shooky Keychain, V Singularity Keychain & bonus free Jungkook sticker – pixelizedpanda)

There you have it! My full Saturday experience! It was hectic and crazy, but a lot of greatness came out of it! Stay tuned for my Sunday post coming soon!

Thank you for reading!


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