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Netflix Original Review: Mute (2018)


Director: Duncan Jones
Writers: Michael Robert JohnsonDuncan Jones
Stars: Alexander Skarsgård, Paul RuddJustin TherouxSeyneb SalehRobert Sheehan

Maria's Rating-3stars-01

A mute bartender goes up against his city’s gangsters in an effort to find out what happened to his missing partner.


What I Liked

The futuristic vibes. I was in a bit of a futuristic feel kind of mood when I decided to watch this as I was also watching Altered Carbon at the same time. I actually really love to read books and watch movies that take place in the future so I was really feeling the vibes that this film was giving off!

Alexander Skarsgård. I heard many reviews, and friends alike, call Skarsgård’s performance bland and boring, but to be honest, I disagree. I felt as though he played his character perfectly and that his more refrained style of acting suited his character perfectly. I seem to be in the minority here though.

Paul Rudd scares me now? Seriously, I’ve never seen Paul Rudd portray a character quite like the one he does in Mute. He felt like a completely different person which really showcased the amazing actor that he is.


What I Didn’t Like

Forgiveness of pedophilia. Minor spoiler alert here. There is a moment in which one character finds out that another has been filming children secretly while they are in revealing hospital gowns. At first, the character who discovers this secret is disgusted and angry, as he should be. But then, he seemingly forgives him and they continue on with their friendship. Sorry, no thank you. There was no reason he should been so forgiving, especially considering his young daughter has been around this man many times in the past.

Slow and confusing at times. The story itself was a little slow at times and it took forever for everything to come together and make sense. And even when the puzzle pieces all started to come together…they still didn’t entirely work very well together. I’m all for a story that is confusing and makes me work to unravel everything, but in this case…it just didn’t work all that well.

Overall, I had heard and seen many terrible reviews for this one, but to be honest…I didn’t really hate it that much. I totally understand where people were coming from and this was by no means an amazing film…but it was mostly enjoyable for me.

Thank you for reading!


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