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Quick Thoughts: Tokyo Ghoul Vol.2 by Sui Ishida


81vpe39aanlTokyo Ghoul Vol.2

Author: Sui Ishida

Publisher: Viz Media LLC

Genre/Themes/Demo: Manga, Horror

Release Date: August 18th 2015

Page Count: 208

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781421580371

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Maria's Rating -4-01


Unable to discard his humanity but equally unable to suppress his Ghoul hunger, Ken finds salvation in the kindness of friendly Ghouls who teach him how to pass as human and eat flesh humanely. But recent upheavals in Ghoul society attract the police like wolves to prey, and they don’t discriminate between conscientious and monstrous Ghouls.

Quick Thoughts

I was finally able to pick up the second volume of Tokyo Ghoul! I just got back from vacation about a week ago and during that vacation, i read absolutely nothing. I’ve been trying to get back into the reading groove and I’ve decided to jump back in slowly with some manga! I’ve wanted to get into this series for a while now and I read the first volume a little earlier this year! Now I need to pick up the third one ASAP. I’m still waiting for big things to happen, but I can feel this story is going to pick up the pace soon!

It’s dark and I love that. I heard it gets darker as the story goes on and I can’t wait for that! I also recently discovered that there was a live action film that recently came out and now I can’t decide what to do next after I’m done reading! Manga and then the film?

About The Author

Sui Ishida is a Japanese manga artist. He is best known for his dark fantasy series Tokyo Ghoul, a story about a young man named Ken Kaneki who gets transformed into a ghoul, after encountering one.


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