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Weekly Catch-Up: Issue #24 – Books, Music, Television & Life Update!




I had another pretty calm week this week which was wonderful. I’ve really enjoyed these quieter weeks lately as my life had been pretty busy throughout September. It has been busy at work, but in a good way! We’ve been taking part in a campaign to raise money to donate to various charities and it’s been a busy week of trying to keep the office engaged, but so far it’s really been paying off! We have one more week to raise money and we have a lot of awesome events lined up to do so!

On a little side note, I’ve been trying really hard to learn how to speak Korean for the past two weeks. For those of you who don’t know, my friend and I are heading to Seoul in March, as well as Osaka and Kyoto! She’s been learning to speak Japanese for a while now and I’ve always wanted to learn a new language and felt inspired! I’m going to try my best to learn as much as I can before my trip in 5 months! Here’s my name in Hangul: 마리아

In other Korean related news, my pre-order of BTS’ new album Love Yourself: Her finally came in the mail! Next time instead of pre-ordering I think I might just head over to Koreatown and pick it up on its release date as I would get it a lot quicker! I absolutely love the album though and it came with a few little goodies here and there! Way to make me start buying CDs again Kpop!

It was also my sister’s birthday on Friday so we did a bit of Karaoke on Friday night which is always a lot of fun. My parents’ anniversary is also on the same day as her birthday, so let’s just say I had a lot of gift cards to purchase this week!




Recently Finished: Release by Patrick Ness By Your Side by Kasie West

I finally had the chance to pick up Release by Patrick Ness a.k.a. one of my favourite authors. It was a little strange, but in the best way possible. I absolutely loved it! You can check out my review here. I also finished reading By Your Side by Kasie West. I initially picked it up with the intention of reading something light and fluffy to help me get out of my reading slump. I actually ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would! You can check out my full review here.

Currently Reading: The Temptation Of Adam by Dave Connis & We Are The Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

As mentioned above, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately. When it comes to listening to audiobooks, I’m fine…but when it comes to actually picking up a physical book, I’m having a tough time. That’s why The Temptation Of Adam by Dave Connis has been in the Currently Reading section of my weekly catch-ups for a little while now. I’m enjoying it so far, but I just can’t find the will to pick up a book when I get home from work lately. However, I have decided to re-read one of my favourite books of all time, We Are The Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson, but this time as an audiobook. I absolutely LOVE this book and you can check out my initial review here!


Next Up: Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix & Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

Next up, I’m hoping to read two books that are more on the spooky side which would be ideal for the month of October! Spook-a-thon has come and gone and I barely participated, but I still would love to read some more spooky books before the month is over! The first book I’d like to pick up next would have to be Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. This book has been on my TBR for a long time now and I absolutely loved his novel My Best Friend’s Exorcism, so I’m thinking that I’ll really like this one! I also would love to pick up Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero. I only recently spotted this one at a book store and I loved its cover so I added it to my TBR list! I’m definitely a cover buyer, so I hope this one is worth it!



Recently Watched: N/A

I haven’t watched a single movie since I was at the Toronto International Film Festival last month, so this section has been a little empty lately. However, I did just post a review of one of the films I saw at the festival, Kodachrome! You can check out my full review here!



Currently Watching: This Is Us Season 2, Star Trek Discovery, American Horror Story Season 7, Mindhunter Season 1 & Riverdale Season 2

Well, I’ve been on a roll lately when it comes to watching television. A lot of my favourites are back, as well as a lot of new ones that I wanted to check out! I’ve been catching up on This Is Us with my mom, but I think we’re still an episode or two behind! Gotta catch up on that one soon! I’ve also been watching Star Trek: Discovery with my parents and we’re also behind an episode on that one! I’m already falling behind, what else is new? A show I am caught up on though is American Horror Story: Cult. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this season so far, but American Horror Story is just one of those shows that leaves so many questions unanswered that I need to keep watching until the end. I also started watching Mindhunter on Netflix and I’m not sure how I feel about that one yet either. I’m not loving it as much as I thought I would so far. I am only 2 episodes in though, so I think I’ll give it more of a chance before I dismiss it. I also just watched the first episode of Riverdale and I’m excited for it to be back!

Next Up: Stranger Things Season 2 & The Walking Dead Season 8

Who else is super amped for the new season of Stranger Things?! I literally will not be leaving my house until I have binged the entire thing. I absolutely cannot wait! I’m also pretty excited about the return of The Walking Dead tonight! I’m actually pretty proud of myself for keeping up with all of these seasons without falling behind! It’s been a favourite of mine for a while now and I can’t wait to see what happens to the gang in this new season!


Currently Listening To: O Sole Mio by SF9

Guys…they say my name…that is all.

As always, thank you for reading!


13 thoughts on “Weekly Catch-Up: Issue #24 – Books, Music, Television & Life Update!

  1. Oh man, reading slumps are the worst. I actually fell behind with my reading challenge while being ahead 10 books during this summer! That’s a hard fall… but I will not give up! I will succeed this year, and I already decided to lower my challenge back to 50 next year. Never going to manage with a 100 books a year, that’s not me. 😀

    I’m going to try and find By Your Side because I want light and fluffy, also the premise looked promising!

    PS: I LOVED MINDHUNTER! But I’m a huge fan of serial killers (in a sense that I find them fascinating so I think I’m biased when it comes to this show). But then I also watched (1 ep to go= Ozark and that is even more amazing!! I recommend it! 😉

    Still haven’t watched This Is Us season 1 finale so I have to get myself mentally prepared to see it before I can get to season 2. Riverdale is a great distraction too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh man, it’s so hard! I was so on track and while I’m still ahead I think I’m slowly going to start falling behind if I don’t pick up the pace now! I’m finding it a lot easier to listen to audiobooks right now than picking up actual physical books for some reason. Kudos to you for attempting a 100 book goal! I don’t think I could ever keep up with that haha! 😛

      I actually ended up liking By Your Side a lot more than I thought I would! Just what I was looking for!

      I’m also a fan of serial killers and the way their minds work, that’s why I thought I would absolutely love Mindhunter! I still need to try and give it a second chance sometime soon!

      Yeah, I agree with needing to emotionally prepare yourself for This Is Us. It can be pretty hard to watch sometimes, but it’s so real and I love it! Just caught up on last week’s episode of Riverdale and OH MY GOD, that ending though!


  2. Reading slumps are the worst. I have just had one myself 😭 I picked up a book by an author I love even though I wasn’t that interested to read. But it gave me what I needed as I was hooked by her writing style……and now I am off reading again! ❤

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    1. That’s exactly what I just did! I picked up a book that I absolutely loved by an author I adore and decided to give it a little re-read! I’m glad I did! Hopefully this breaks my slump a little bit!


  3. I am so behind on my TV shows. It’s been a good 6 months since I started Stranger Things and I don’t even remember which episode I’m on. Similarly, with the Walking Dead, I miss the entire last season, but since my brother now has that on DVD I can hopefully catch up soon, but I have to watch it with my mam haha;

    Your work sounds awesome, despite how busy it is. I’ve been trying to get my foot in the door of my possible career path, which can get exhausting, especially after finishing a late shift at the pub haha.

    I’ve been on such a contemporary kick this year because I can’t focus on the intricacies of fantasy books because life has been so chaotic. Contemporary books are always my go-to for slumpy days.

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    1. Oh no! Stranger Things is an absolute must! Probably one of my favourite shows of all time! You have about 3 days to catch up before the new season haha! I also just watched the Walking Dead premiere last night and it was pretty sweet! A lot more action packed than I thought it would be!

      My work can be pretty cool sometimes haha! We definitely have a good work/life/fun balance here! It was really hard to get my foot in the door of the occupation that I went to school for, but once I did it was basically smooth sailing from there!

      Contemporary is my absolute favourite genre and I agree, they’re perfect for getting out of slumps!

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    1. Before I starred, I thought the answer to this question would be memorizing the new characters and the sounds that they make, but that has actually been pretty easy so far! I think it’s just memorizing new words and trying to keep them in my memory…I’ve never been good at studying hahaha


      1. haha! School was definitely an experience for me! I was an average student when it came to English & Art, if I had applied myself a bit more, I could have been really good in those subjects. No amount of studying could have saved me in Math & Science though. That side of my brain just doesn’t work. Thank god a pursued a career in the arts 😛


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