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Mini-Reviews: Reality Boy by A.S. King, School Spirit, Vol.1 by Kath Leth & I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga


It’s time for a new set of mini reviews! I recently read two backlist books on my TBR as well as a graphic novel! Take a look at what I thought of these titles in a few mini-reviews below!


Reality Boy by A.S. King

This was my first ever A.S. King novel! So many people have recommended this author and I can now see why. Her writing is beautiful. Right off the bat I knew I would fall in love with the writing. It just had the most wonderful flow to it and it felt so effortless.

The main characters were also pretty great in this one. They weren’t the best, but I did love both Gerald & Hannah and their dynamic. They both had their own set of issues that they needed to figure out and they worked well together as two characters that needed each other in that moment.

While these characters were great, I’m not sure how I felt about the rest of them. Specifically Gerald’s family. They were downright awful. His whole family situation was downright awful. There were moments that made me want to scream. At first I wondered how a family could treat each other this way and then I realized that this may be more common than we think.

I loved the reality tv aspect of this novel. I thought it was pretty unique to feature a character who used to be on a reality television show as a kid and to see how that has effected him now at 17 years old.

Overall, I think this was a great first experience with A.S. King for me! I can totally see why people would recommend her and her novels and I can’t wait to read more!

Maria's Rating -4-01


School Spirit, Vol.1 by Kate Leth

This was cute. It’s kind of like Archie with a tiny supernatural element. While it was fun and cute, it wasn’t really anything memorable or unique. I did love its diversity though.

While I’m unsure if I will be continuing with this series, it was a fun one to read and worth it if you like more tame and cutesy comics!

Maria's Rating - 3.5-01


I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

What can I say? This book completely surprised me in the best way ever. I knew very little about it going into it and, I won’t lie to you, the cover really just isn’t doing it for me at all. I wasn’t expecting much, but after a few highly recommended praises from some fellow book bloggers, I decided to give it a shot…and I was not disappointed.

I Hunt Killers wasted no time getting right into the story. It was extremely fast paced right from the start and completely hooked me right away. Before I was even finished reading book one, I knew I needed book two ASAP.

If I could compare this story to anything, I feel like it’s a slight mix between Dexter & The Following, two television shows that were also VERY addicting for a while. I don’t really want to get into the details on how this book was reminiscent of these shows as that could lead to spoilers.

I loved the characters so much. All of them were fantastic and worked so well with each other. As the son of a serial killer, Jasper Dent feels as though he’s bound to become a serial killer as well. A classic case of Nature vs. Nurture. He’s struggling so hard to make sure that he doesn’t turn out like his father and instead decides to help the police by trying to catch a new serial killer that is currently on the loose. This was such an interesting concept and a great base for this YA thriller!

As mentioned above, I will absolutely be moving forward with book two very soon! I need to know what happens next ASAP!

P.S. Am I the only one that kept picturing Jasper’s serial killer father as Matthew McConaughey? Maybe it was because I listened to this as an audiobook and the narrator gave him a southern drawl, but honestly…if this gets made into a film, I need to see McConaughey in this role.

Maria's Rating - 4.5-01

There you have it! A few mini reviews for some recently read titles of mine! Have you read any of these? What did you think!?

Thank you for reading!


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