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Weekly Catch-Up: Issue #21 – Books, Music, Television & Life Update!


This week was actually pretty quiet for me and I’m really glad. I think I really needed another week of rest.



As mentioned above, this week was pretty tame for me. I really didn’t do anything fun or exciting until Saturday which I think I really needed. Every week night consisted of me coming home from work and watching as many episodes of Real Got7 as I could (I have now watched all 4 seasons). Saturday was A LOT of fun though as my best friend organized a food tour throughout Toronto so we could all visit places that we really wanted to eat at, but had never been to before! It was really fun and I got to eat a lot of amazing food!



Recently Finished: I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga really surprised me. I won’t like to you, I really don’t love the cover for this book anf I know you’re not supposed to jusdge a book by its cover, but I really can’t help it. The premise however, is really really intriguing. After two fellow book bloggers raved about how great it was, I decided it was time to give this one a try. oh my god, I absolutely loved it. Stay tuned for a mini review coming very soon!

Currently Reading: The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed & Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

I recently picked up The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed and as of right now, I haven’t really been able to get into it yet. As mentioned above, I’ve been lazying around watching TV shows instead of reading, but I really hope to sit down and get into this one very soon. I also recently started listening to Autoboyography by Christina Lauren and it’s so good so far. So many people have been raving about it recently and it has been on my TBR since I first heard about it! So far so good!

Next Up: Game by Barry Lyga & The Temptation Of Adam by Dave Connis

After reading I Hunt Killers, I absolutely need to pick up Game as soon as possible. Joey, from Thoughts & Afterthoughts, and I are going to try buddy reading this one and I can not wait! I also have an ARC of The Temptation of Adam by Dave Connis that is calling my name! I’ll also be a part of the blog tour for this one so stay tuned for that!


Recently Watched: N/A

You’d think with all of the lounging around at home that I’ve been doing that I would maybe squeeze in a movie or two, but nope…I’ve watched nothing at all!


Currently Watching: American Horror Story: Cult & Glitch Season 2

I’m currently all caught up with American Horror Story: Cult and I still can’t decide how I feel about it yet. It’s a little all over the place and a little too out there for me as of right now. I’ve only watched about half of the first episode of Glitch season 2, but man do I ever need some answers after season 1.


Currently Listening To: Love Yourself: Her (Full Album) by BTS

Seriously. Listen to this album.

Thank you for reading!


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