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Fan Expo 2017 Recap!


The best weekend of the year has come and gone just like that! Of course I’m talking about Fan Expo Canada! Fan Expo is an annual convention that is very much similar to San Diego Comicon, except this one takes place in Toronto! It’s four days of madness, but it is all absolutely worth it! I’ll be taking you through a little bit of a recap and showing you what I did with my four days at Fan Expo!


Thursday is the best day to walk through the show room floor and get your shopping done before the madness of the weekend really begins. With the Deluxe Pass (4 Day pass) you can get in 2 hours earlier than the general public which is even more ideal in terms of trying to get your shopping done before you become sandwiched in between the abyss of people. I met up with two of my friends and we continued to shop until we literally dropped to eat some overpriced pizza! See below for a slideshow of my Thursday Fan Expo Haul!

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Haul: Clockwork Orange Living Dead Doll, Eleven with Eggos + Wig chase Funko POP!, Free Fan Expo shirt (not pictured), Enamel Pins (Enterprise, Wesley Crusher shirt, Dark Mark & Back To The Future) Borne by Jeff VanDerMeer Artist Alley: Yuri!!! On Ice Print, Lying Cat Print, Suga (BTS) Print, BTS Spring Day stickers, Yurio & JJ Keychains, 100% Salty Keychain


Friday was definitely busier, but this day is perfect for circling back and shopping one more time.The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (where Fan Expo is held) consists of two buildings connected by a slew of hallways and escalators, so it’s really hard to go through everything, and actually see everything, after only walking around once.

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Haul: Suga Body Pillow, BTS Surprise Bag, Wicked + The Divine Volume 5, Sailor Moon Surprise Bag Artist Alley: Suga Pin, Kpop Pin, Read Print, Sailor Moon Lanyard


Saturday is by far the BUSIEST day at Fan Expo. I don’t do well with large crowds so I usually use this day for photo ops, autographs or anything else that involves standing in a line because let’s be real, you’re not moving anywhere anytime fast on this day. I didn’t have any photo ops or autographs I wanted this year (the guest list didn’t really appeal to me and my fandoms tbh) so instead I went to the Stranger Things panel! I guess I could have gotten an autograph/photo with the kids, but I honestly didn’t feel like paying for it and I also would have much rather enjoyed the Q&A. The room was huge and held a max capacity of about 3500…and it was jam packed! I got in line an hour and a half early and I was maybe one of the first 150-200 people in the room. I got decent seats which was fantastic! These kids are absolutely hilarious and really didn’t even need mediators to ask them questions at all. They ran the show themselves! Who else is excited for season 2?! Once this panel was over, I left the convention all together. I was tired and didn’t feel like dealing with crowds and I still had another full day ahead of me!

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Sunday was another day full of shopping and wandering for me! I met up with another couple of friends for this day and decided to take it easy. I did dress up as Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri!!! On Ice which was so easy and so much fun! I had a few people come up to me and ask to take my photo as well which was amazing! The last day at a convention is always the best day! Most booths have sales as they want to get rid of any stock they don’t want to take home and you can find some pretty great deals! While walking through Artist Alley, a few artists were even giving away some stickers for free! I got a cute little BTS light stick sticker for free after an artist and I were gushing about them! Sunday was a great final day!

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Haul: Mr Clark, Snowpiercer, Vol.1 Artist Alley: Jughead Print, BTS Lightstick Sticker, Suga Pin, Jughead Sticker

There you have it! Everything I did and bought at Fan Expo this year! While this year lacked in celebrity appearances, I think I was still able to find a lot of cool things to see and do! It’s totally worth going every year!

Thank you for reading!


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    1. Thank you so much! Ooh! Anime Expo! That sounds cool! I went to my first anime convention (Anime North) this year! It was pretty awesome! 😀

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