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A Quick Update On Life


I can’t remember the last time I wrote a blog post just to write a blog post. It’s not that I’ve run out of bookish content or anything like that, believe me…there is a lot more coming your way. I just thought I’d like to quickly write a little blog post about what’s going on in my life. I know I have my weekly updates, but only a small portion of those is dedicated to my personal life. So, here we go! Let’s talk!

Life is about to get a little busy for me soon, as per usual come August/September. I feel like September is just a month that is full of events and things to do and I want to do all of them…so maybe my busy schedule is my own fault. Between now and the first week of September, I have 4 concerts that I’m going to.


Today (Tuesday July 18) I’ll be heading to see Queen & Adam Lambert for the second time in about three years. It was such an amazing show last time my sister and I went that we just had to go again, and we got better seats this time! (Update: I wrote this post before I went to the show, but I’ve now gone to this concert and I can confirm that it was amazing!) Then on July 30th I’ll be going to see G-Dragon with Jesse (Books At Dawn)! This is my first ever K-POP live experience since I started listening to the genre not too long ago and I’m beyond excited! It’s going to be sick! Then on August 18th I’ll  be going to see Green Day for the first time. They’re like the only band left that I still haven’t seen live from the list of bands I listened to as a teen and I can’t wait for all the nostalgia! And finally on September 7th, I’ll be going to see Lady Gaga! She’s another artist that my sister and I have had on our “need-to-see-live” list for quite a while now. I’m really excited for that one! As you can see, concerts alone are going to be taking up a few days here and there from now until early September.

In between all of that, I have a few other things that I will be taking part in/attending! The same day as the G-Dragon concert, a few of the Toronto book bloggers are going to be getting together for yet another Read Harder meeting where we’ll be talking about all of the books that we have read since the last time that we had met about a month ago! I always look forward to these meetings as I get to see everyone again and it’s always fun to talk about books! A few days later, I’ll be attending A Very Potter Party which is basically a big ol’ Harry Potter extravaganza and I can’t wait! I needed to attend at least one Harry Potter related event to celebrate the 20th anniversary!

A small portion of the showroom floor during Fan Expo Canada!

Then at the end of August, right into the beginning of September, I’ll be attending Fan Expo Canada which is basically a slightly smaller San Diego Comicon type convention that happens in Toronto for four days! I usually get the 4 day pass and I’m thinking I may do that again this year! Also, the kids from Stranger Things are going to be there and I’m pretty excited about that! Then literally one day after the convention, I’ll be going to the Canadian National Exhibition which is basically one big carnival that takes place in Toronto near the lakeshore! I’ve been going on Labour Day since I was literally in my mother’s womb. No really, my mom was pregnant with me when the tradition started.

Oh, did you think I would be able to rest after that? Nope. After the CNE comes the Lady Gaga concert I mentioned above, but that’s not all. The Toronto International Film Festival kicks off that week and it will be my 4th year volunteering! I absolutely love being a part of this festival and it doesn’t hurt that we get to see a few films throughout the two weeks!

So as you can see, life is about to get a little hectic for me. In between all of these things, I’m trying to keep up with my reading, but I won’t lie…I’ve kind of hit a bit of a slump. Let’s hope I can get out of it soon!

Thank you for listening to me ramble on! Are you going to any concerts this summer or later this year? Do you have anything else exciting planned!?

As always, thank you for reading!


8 thoughts on “A Quick Update On Life

  1. Wow, and here I am, only one concert behind me, Twenty One Pilots (which was amazing) and probably nothing coming up. Sad really, Estonia doesn’t get a lot of big artists, and for 21P I went to Finland, which is not the most convenient but luckily my flatmate’s mom lives there so, free food and a roof over our head was quite pleasant.

    Also, I’m so jealous of all those other events! And I’m sad that I won’t be able to volunteer for Estonia’s film festival because I have a full time job and we also happen to be in the same center where most of the film festival stuff happens – they are rubbing it under my nose! And well, not even gonna mention any cons or fan expos, So I’m super super jealous.. did I mention that? But I am. 😀

    Hope you have a great time at all the concerts and get to see cool stuff at the other events! 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you got to see twenty one pilots! Such a great show! I would have loved to have seen them in Helsinki haha! I can’t wait to visit there someday, and of course I’ll try my best to make a stop over in Estonia! 😀

      Oh wow! It sucks that you won’t be able to volunteer, but it’s pretty cool that you’ll be right in the middle of everything! It definitely is hard to volunteer while also working a full time job, I’m not sure why I put myself through this every year haha! But it is also really fun and a great experience!

      Thank you so much! I’m sure it’ll be busy but also a lot of fun! 😀


      1. Me too! I wish to visit Canada myself. We should just switch places, no one could tell, right? 😅

        My work is not from 9-17 either so I can’t really book my entire day full. Maybe when I’m retired. I’ll volunteer. 😂

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      2. I’m sure no one would ever know 😂

        Right! I guess it would be a lot easier if you knew your schedule would be 9-5 every day! You know what there were definitely a lot of retired people that volunteer every year and they have a blast! I hope to be one of them some day haha!

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  2. Okay wow. These next couple months sound like the definition of the best kind of chaos. 4 concerts is double the concerts I’ve seen in my entire life haha. Queen & Adam Lambert sounds like one epic event. I think it’s awesome that you volunteer at TIFF. I’ve always wondered what it’s be like to volunteer for one of these events but sadly most of the major ones are all based in London so the likelihood of me attending is not that great. Have an awesome August/September. 😀

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    1. LOLL I’ve definitely been going to a lot more concerts recently! I love the experience! 😛

      It’s pretty fun to volunteer at these huge film festivals! It’s sad that the likelihood of volunteering is not that great for you, but if you do ever get the chance I highly recommend it! It’s definitely a lot of fun in Toronto! 😀

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