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#Top10Tuesday: Longest vs. Shortest Books I Have Ever Read


It’s time for another Top 10 Tuesday!!! For those of you who don’t know, Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish! Recently, The Broke & The Bookish has gone on a Top 10 Tuesday hiatus, so I have decided to come up with my own prompt this week. I was really curious to find out what some of the longest and shortest books I have ever read were and I figured I should just turn this into a Top 10 Tuesday! Note: The short books do not include Children’s Books, Graphic Novels, Comics, Plays or Short Stories/Novellas. Without further ado, here are the longest and shortest books I have ever read!



Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix @ 776 pages vs. A Clockwork Orange @ 141 Pages

I still can’t believe Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the longest book I have ever read. It felt as though some of the other books on this list were longer, but I guess not! As for A Clockwork Orange, I knew it would appear on this list somewhere, but shortest?! I felt the opposite with this one, because it was so complicated to read it took me a lot longer than a book of its size normally would.


Breaking Dawn @ 756 pages vs. Boy Meets Boy @ 157 pages

LOL, oh Breaking Dawn. I don’t remember the last time I talked about this series ever! I read the Twilight saga way back in grade 11…so I was about 16, therefore almost 10 years ago and I officially feel old as hell. I almost forgot about Boy Meets Boy until I started creating this list. It was a cute little story and I didn’t realize how small it was!


The Fireman @ 752 pages vs. Drive @ 158 pages

The Fireman is one of those books that I thought for sure was going to take first place. It was one heck of a read, but completely worth it. I can totally see this being made into a film, or better yet, a mini-series. Someone please make this happen! On the other hand, Drive was completely different than its film counterpart. I watched the movie first and while it started out slow, I ended up really liking it. However, the book just dragged on which is hilarious considering how short it is.


House Of Leaves @ 735 pages vs. One Of The Boys @ 168 pages

House Of Leaves is one of those books that is just so weird that it completely fucks you up by the end. The way it’s written is completely insane which just adds to the uneasy feeling. This book is definitely a large one, but also one you should definitely attempt to read at some point in your life! One Of The Boys was also a very dark and haunting story. It’s definitely short and sweet, but totally worth the read!


A Little Life @ 720 pages vs. The Great Gatsby @ 176 pages

A Little Life is also another one of those books that I thought was for sure going to take first place in terms of length. This was one long depressing book that went on for a long time. The story was so powerful though and I highly recommend everyone give it a try. The Great Gatsby is one of those classics that you’re supposed to read in high school, but I never did for some reason. I read it during university instead as a pleasure read and I really enjoyed it! It’s another short read that’s completely worth it!

There you have it! The five longest books I have ever read as well as the 5 shortest! What are the longest and shortest books that you have ever read? Let’s discuss!

Thank you for reading!


12 thoughts on “#Top10Tuesday: Longest vs. Shortest Books I Have Ever Read

    1. Thank you!!!

      LOL I just checked exactly how many pages it is and omg congratulations, you deserve and award lmfao!


  1. Are these all hardcover books? Because it feels like paperbacks might be thicker, though I might be wrong.
    My longest book is IT!! 1376 pages (before it was 1Q84 which was 1157 pages) and I think the shortest (Goodreads doesn’t tell me that itself, or I simply can’t look for it) is probably The Little Prince.. I think. 😀

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    1. Some of them are hardcovers and a few are paperbacks! My longest book, Order of The Phoenix, was a hardcover while my shortest, A Clockwork Orange, was a paperback! 🙂

      Man, I wish to one day manage to read a book over 1000 pages. It just seems so impossible to me haha! I’m currently reading one that’s 500 pages and it’s just moving so slowly for me, but it could just be the book itself!

      I still haven’t read The Little Prince but it’s been on my shelf for the longest time now! I should probably pick that one up soon, especially because it’s so short and everyone loves it!

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      1. Interesting. I’m curious to see if my English paperback OotP is as long.. my Estonian translastion of it is 856 pages. 😅

        I recommend It but it’s not the fastest reading book. I thought The Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear read a bit better! One of them I think was over 1000 pages. 😬

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  2. I’ve never actually looked into my longest/shortest book. I’m surprised A Clockwork Orange is so short cause everyone I know that has read it has commented on its complexity so I always thought it’d be a 300+ page book. If I had to guess I’d say recently my longest book read would have to be a Brandon Sanderson novel.

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    1. Right?! It felt like A Clockwork Orange took me a lot longer to read than any other book of under 200 pages haha! 😛

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  3. What a great idea! I’m always surprise at how short some of the classics are, like Animal Farm and 1984, because some of them are just so hard to get through! I think the longest book I’ve read is Wise Man’s Fear at 994 pages.

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