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Weekly Catch-Up: Issue #4


It’s time for another weekly update! Keep reading to find out the books I read this past week as well as what I plan on reading next! I also mention both films and television series that I have been watching. But first, let’s start with a quick life update!


Last weekend was a long weekend for us Canadians, therefore we had Monday off of work which was super nice! My mom, sister and I decided we wanted to do something together, but we didn’t really want to spend any money, so we took a drive down to Lake Ontario on the edge of the city and took the time to explore a little! It turned out to be a great day!

On Tuesday, Patty, Jesse, Joey & I met up with Kat as she is currently visiting Toronto! We went out for dinner at a place called Louis Cifer which is a pretty cool resturaunt that I head to any time I’m going to a concert at the Danforth Music Hall! Before dinner, we made a little stop at Dollarama to make sure Kat got her fill of Canadian snacks!

The rest of the week was pretty calm and relaxing. I didn’t do much other than go to work during the day, work on a freelance project at night and read. This week has been pretty gloomy weather-wise which made it easier to stay inside and be a little productive.


This weekend has been super jam packed though, but amazingly fun! My best friend is getting married and I went to her wedding shower this weekend! It was so nice to see everyone again! I also went to a convention today called Anime North which is an Anime specific convention that happens every year in Toronto! I have never been before and it was quite the experience! I managed to snag a bunch of Yuri!!! On Ice merchandise as seen in the above photo!

Now, that’s enough about my life! Let’s talk about the pop culture I consumed this week!


Recently Finished: A Court Of Wings & Ruin by Sarah J. Maas and Motor Crush Vol.1 by Brendan Fletcher, Cameron Stewart & Babs Tarr

So, I finally finished A Court Of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas! It wasn’t the best book in the series (that title still belongs to book #2) but it was still one hell of an entertaining read! Check out my review that I posted yesterday for more in depth thoughts and feelings! I also read all 5 single issues that will make up the upcoming first volume of Motor Crush by Brendan Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr! Oh my god guys, it was amazing! I can’t wait to read more from this series and I promise you, it’s worth checking out! You can read my review for it here.

Currently reading: Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel & The Party by Robyn Harding

I have recently started reading Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel as it has been on my TBR for quite a while now! So far so good! I’m really enjoying how fast paced it is! I’ve also recently just started The Party by Robyn Harding! I haven’t read enough of it to tell you how I feel about it yet, but I am excited for this one!

Upcoming reads: Saints & Misfits by S.K. Ali & Maybe In Paris by Rebecca Christiansen

Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali is one of my most anticipated reads for this year and I’m so excited that I was able to get an ARC of it! I hope to start reading this one soon! I was also able to get an ARC of Maybe In Paris by Rebecca Christiansen which I’m also really excited for!


Recently watched: N/A

Ugh. So I still haven’t watched any films recently guys…I’m so mad at myself for it, but I really just have no time! I did try to watch Pitch Black at my friend’s place last night, but I honestly had no idea what the hell was going on right from the beginning so I kind of tuned out. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch something soon!

Upcoming: Logan

Well, Logan was just released on DVD and Blu ray, so maybe I’ll be able to watch that one soon!


Currently finished watching: The 100 Season 4

I had stopped watching The 100 season 4 about 4 episodes ago, but I kept hearing so many people talk about the finale so I figured I should probably binge it. I did and I’m confused, but I don’t think I hate it as much as a lot of people did! I’m actually quite excited to see what happens next season!

Currently watching/binging: N/A

I was thinking of starting Voltron: Legendary Defender as I saw it literally everywhere at Anime North today! We’ll see if I have the time at all! I also still need to start American Gods…if only I had the time.

There you have it! My weekly update for this past week!

Thank you for reading!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Catch-Up: Issue #4

    1. LOLL! I still can’t believe it took me so long to pick up on that!

      I’m really liking Sleeping Giants so far! I have about 50 pages left! I already can’t wait to read Waking Gods!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Watch Logan NOW!

    Also, I also think ACOMAF was the best in the series, tho I did love the Nesta and Cassian story lines in the third book. Can’t wait for their spin-off and to hear what Nesta has happening inside her brain. Plus, I wish it would be two pov’s instead of one.. because I wanna know what Cassian is thinking.

    I need to start watching more movies and shows, because I can’t do my weekly Commercial Breaks with nothing to talk about. I skipped another week and I’m not surprised. Soon they will be monthly posts…… 😦

    *waits impatiently for your present*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard soooooo many amazing things about Logan! The second I have the chance, I’m totally going to give it a watch!

      I’m so excited to see more of Nesta and Cassian! As much as I love the relationship between Feyre and Rhys, I’m kind of over it for the moment and I’m really hoping for something new and fresh! I would also LOVE to know what Cassian is thinking!

      Right!? I struggle to fill the television and film void in my weekly catch ups haha!

      Oh my gosh, okay so I meant to message you! I haven’t sent it yet and I’m so so so sorry, life got crazy and I haven’t been able to make it to the post office 😩

      I’m going to be in Niagara Falls for the next two days as well, but I promise I will send it by the end of this week! I keep seeing it in my room and I’m so mad that life hasn’t given me the opportunity to make it to the post office yet 😰

      Liked by 1 person

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