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#Top10Tuesday: Mom’s Recommendations


It’s time for another Top 10 Tuesday!!! For those of you who don’t know, Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish! This week we are asked to talk about anything mother related to celebrate Mother’s Day! Well, fun fact, it is also my mom’s birthday today, so this topic fell on the perfect day! I thought it would be fun to highlight 5 books my mom has recommended to me and also 5 books that I have recommended to her!


5 Books My Mom Recommended To Me

Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz is probably my mom’s favourite author. She’s ready plenty of books from him, but one that I have actually read that she has recommended is Life Expectancy. I read it so long ago now that I can’t really remember too much about it unfortunately. Maybe it’s time for a re-read!

Pendragon by D.J. MacHale

Funny story, I actually bought this book for myself a long long time ago during one of those elementary school Scholastic book sales! I think I maybe read the first few chapters before I gave up on it. Then my mom decided to give it a go. I don’t know if you know this, but this series is now complete and it contains 10 books…and she has read all of them. To this day she keeps telling me to give the first one another chance. I hope to pick it up again soon!

The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

One day, my mom suddenly remembered this one Stephen King book that she had read forever ago. She couldn’t remember for the life of her what it was called, but she knew it wasn’t horror. It was one of Stephen King’s fantasy novels…which I didn’t even know was a thing. So, I used the power of Google and typed in “Stephen King” + different aspects of the novel that she remembered and I found it. The Eyes Of The Dragon. She recommended that I read this one ASAP and I’m pretty sure she wants to re-read it soon as well. Hopefully we can both do that soon!

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

I’m not sure if this falls under the “recommendation” category as my mom bought this first book for me as a birthday gift before she had ever read it herself. BUT she did quickly surpass me and read the other books in the series before I could get to them which she then recommended that I quickly catch up and read as well. Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood and probably the reason I am the reader that I am today.

Anything by Robert Munsch

Another one that doesn’t necessarily fall under “recommendations” but rather just books that my mom bought for me. I was a huge fan of Robert Munsch as a kid and I even won a contest in which I got tickets to see Robert Munsch read his books out loud to a theatre full of kids. If I had to choose favourites though, it would probably be a tie between Purple, Green and Yellow & Mortimer.

5 Books I Recommended To My Mom

A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas

My mom loves Beauty & The Beast, so I knew she would probably love A Court Of Thorns and Roses. I was right! She absolutely loved it. Funny thing is, she still hasn’t read A Court Of Mist and Fury…and after reading that one myself, I’m a little afraid of her reading the “mature content” if you know what I mean…

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

The second I read this book, I knew it would be one of my favourites for a very long time. Then the movie was being released and I begged her to read it before watching the film. Unbroken still remains to be one of the best books I have ever read.

I Found You by Lisa Jewell

I recently finished reading I Found You and I instantly knew that it would be a book that my mom would really enjoy! She hasn’t read it yet, but I know she’ll love it when she does!

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

After the Gone Girl phenomenon died down, I made sure that my mom knew that there was more out there by Gillian Flynn and that I believed that it was even better. Dark Places is my favourite book by Gillian Flynn and I made sure my mom read it. The multiple timelines and perspectives are something we both love in thrillers and I knew she would love it. So like, when is Gillian Flynn going to come out with something new?

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One is another book that I knew would be a favourite for the rest of my life. It was everything I love all wrapped into one story. I knew my mom would probably appreciate all of the 80s references more than I could and I was right. She picked up on things that went right over my head! Who else can’t wait for the movie!?

There you have it! 5 books that were recommended to me by my mother and 5 books that I have recommended to her! What books have you shared with your mom?

Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Birthday Mom! 


12 thoughts on “#Top10Tuesday: Mom’s Recommendations

  1. I love that your mom enjoyed RPO! I keep debating about whether or not I should make my mom read it… but I’m worried she’ll be like, Uh, WTF? Maybe she won’t if your mom enjoyed it! Love your take on this prompt!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Birthday to your mum. I love that you guys share books with each other. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mam read a book from beginning to end. I still need to read Ready Player One.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! We definitely have different tastes, but there are those few books that we read that we know the other will love! Oh my gosh, please read Ready Player One, I’d love to know what you think!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! I don’t know what it is about Gillian Flynn and moms, but they love her! haha!


  3. I love your list and I also love how you and your mum share a love for reading and recommend books to one another. I’ve never seen a post like this before so it was really interesting, my mum isn’t a very big reader but one book which I made her pick up was Me Before You and she loved that. I’m trying to get her to read The Girl on the Train too when she gets a chance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad it was creative haha! We don’t usually share a lot, but when I absolutely know she’ll love something I make sure to recommend it! I actually haven’t read Me Before You just yet and I don’t think my mom had either but it seems like something she would definitely enjoy! Haha! I’ve been trying to get her to read the Girl On The Train as well! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If you get her to read Me Before You then just advise it probably will make her cry. I made my mum read it but she did it on holiday and then she was crying by the pool in front of everyone… I gave her a little warning I promise haha!

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