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Weekly Catch-Up: Issue #1


So, I thought I would try something new. I’ve drawn inspiration from Mettel Ray‘s Commercial Break series and I would like to start sharing weekly “catch-ups” where I highlight different things that I have been enjoying during the past week. This includes books, films, television and other different things that have been happening throughout my life. I hope you enjoy these little catch-up sessions! Let issue #1 begin!


Life has been pretty crazy lately. As a few of you may know, I’m currently working a full time job. Working full time is great and I absolutely love my job, but that means that I only have a few select few hours at the end of my week days to read, watch tv/movies and to write blog posts. Recently, I have taken a freelance job on the side that has naturally taken up more of my time. Again, I love my job and I love freelancing, but it definitely makes it harder to post as often and to enjoy pop culture as much as usual.

This month is also jam packed with different events for my best friend’s wedding! Sadly, I had to miss their stag and doe this weekend due to the freelance project I am working on, but after this week it should all be complete and I can enjoy some more time with my friends. Her bachelorette party as well as her wedding shower are coming up soon!

I have also recently decided to volunteer for the Inside Out Film Festival (Toronto’s LGBT Film Festival) and I have an orientation session coming up soon! Also coming up soon is Anime North which is kind of like Comic Con, but strictly just for anime! I’m going with a few friends which should be super exciting. There are also a few book signings coming up that I hope to attend!

As you can see, May is shaping up to be a pretty crazy month, but I think I can handle it! Let’s take a look at some of the books, film & television I’ve been reading/watching lately shall we?



Recently Finished: I Found You by Lisa Jewell

I recently finished reading I Found You by Lisa Jewell and it was everything that I needed in a thriller. It’s hard to find thrillers that are unique and that aren’t predictable and I Found You was exactly that. You can read my full review here.


Currently reading: American Gods by Neil Gaiman & Bubble by Stewart Foster

It has been taking me a while, but I’m almost finished reading American Gods. I have been interested in reading this series for a while now, but with the television show having started this month, I decided I needed to finish reading before I started watching the show! I hope to finish it early this coming week! As for Bubble, this one is also taking me a little while to read and I’m not too sure why. It’s pretty good so far, but it hasn’t really blown me away. I have about 50 pages left, so we’ll have to see how I feel about it once I’m done! Again I hope to finish this one by either tonight or tomorrow!


Upcoming reads: A Court Of Wings & Ruin by Sarah J. Maas & The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

I mean, who doesn’t have A Court Of Wings & Ruin on their current TBR at the moment? I was hoping to be able to read this one right away on its release date, but unfortunately too many other things got in the way! Once I finish up with American Gods and Bubble, I should be good and ready to five into ACOWAR! The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda has been on my TBR for a little while now. As soon as I finished her other novel, All The Missing Girls, I was eagerly anticipating whatever she would be releasing next! I can’t wait to pick that one up! Stay tuned for a review + blog tour post for that one coming up soon!



Recently watched: Fate of the Furious, Sing & Everything Everything

Anyone who knows me knows that the Fast & The Furious franchise is probably one of my most favourite things on this planet. I grew up watching these films and I will always eagerly anticipate the next one in the series. Who knew it would make it to 8 movies?! While I didn’t think this was the best one in the series, it was entertaining and it served its purpose. Can we also take a minute to talk about how much Scott Eastwood looks like Clint Eastwood?! Sing was everything I hoped it would be. I just needed a cute kids movie to laugh at and enjoy and it was the perfect choice. The music was great, the characters were great and I loved everything about it. Now, if you haven’t read my little rant about the Nicola Yoon/Everything Everything event, you can do so here. While my experience with the signing/screening was not the greatest, the film was cute and it remained pretty true to the book. I would say it was a pretty great adaptation and exactly what I hoped for/expected.


Upcoming: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2

I absolutely cannot wait to go out and see Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2. I loved the first one and I’m so ready for another action packed and hilarious superhero film! Hopefully I can get out to see it soon considering how crazy May is!



Currently binging: Sense 8 Season 2

Alright so, Sense 8 is one of my favourite Netflix Originals of all time. It’s probably one of my favourite shows of all time. It’s so unique and well done and I have been waiting for this second season for so long! I have three episodes left and I’m davouring them for as long as I can because I know how long it will take before we get another season.


Currently watching: Riverdale & The 100 

I literally just finished the penultimate episode of Riverdale before writing this post and that killer reveal/ending though! I can’t wait for the final episode to hopefully give us the answers that we need. I’ve loved the Archie comics ever since I was a little kid and I’m loving this new take on the story of Archie more than I thought I would to be quite honest. It feels like I’ve been watching this 4th season of The 100 for years. I don’t know why it feels like it’s dragging because I am still enjoying it. Anyway, this is definitely another show that I never thought I would be loving as much as I am.


Upcoming: Legion, American Gods & Kingdom

I would absolutely love to start binging Legion, however I’m trying to find a legal way to do so. I may have to wait a little while, but it totally seems like a show that I would absolutely love. As mentioned above, once I finish reading American Gods, I am 100% going to start watching that show weekly. I’m really interested to see how this book is adapted to the small screen. Also, I am a total Jonathan Tucker stan and I am so excited to see how her portrays the character of Low Key Lyesmith. Speaking of Jonathan Tucker, the third and final season of Kingdom starts at the end of the month and oh my god is it ever bittersweet. I’ve been waiting for this season for forever, but I’m also really upset that it’ll be ending. I absolutely love this show and once again, Jonathan Tucker is in it and he’s amazing.

There you have it! Issue #1 is complete! What have you been enjoying lately!? Let’s discuss! & as always, thank you for reading!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Catch-Up: Issue #1

  1. I should have definitely read American Gods before starting the show, because I am just SO confused. The second episode made kinda more sense, but all in all it feels very random whenever they aren’t on Shadow’s storyline.
    And YAAAS SENSE8!!!! I adore this show SO very much, it is one of my all time favourites and I just finished the season last night. Be afraid! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly…I don’t think reading the book would have helped. It was so confusing haha! I’m still not exactly sure how I read about 600 pages and still don’t understand the purpose of it all haha! I’m going to start the show soon though so I’ll let you know for sure if reading the book helped even a little bit haha! I also just finished watching the new season of Sense8 and omg it was soo good! I can’t believe I already binged the whole thing! That ending though…I CAN’T POSSIBLY WAIT ANOTHER YEAR FOR A NEW SEASON!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha okay, good to know! Definitely keep me updated when you watch the show though, I am interested to heart what someone who has read the book thinks. I doubt I will ever pick it up myself.
        AND YES!!! HOW DO THEY EXPECT US TO WAIT SO LONG?! They killed it again with that ending.

        Liked by 1 person

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