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Bookish Resolutions: 2017!


Hello everyone, and welcome to my list of 2017 bookish resolutions. These are my personal reading goals for the year and I thought I would share them with you! I hope everyone had an amazing New Years Day and I hope the rest of the year is just as amazing! Here are my personal reading goals for the year:


Read what you have. Over the past three years, I have seriously accumulated way too many books. I have a ridiculous TBR and it’s about time that I changed that. This year I would like to make it a priority to read what I already own instead of adding to this pile.


Go to the library. I would love to start going to the library again, especially for the new releases of the year that I want to read but don’t need to own right away. As mentioned, I have accumulated quite a lot of books and I’m seriously running out of room for them all. It’s about time that I started utilizing the library again.


Only buy the new releases that you know you want on your shelf. This ties in with my two goals stated above. Of course I’ll still want to buy a few new books…I’m a bibliophile, what can I do? So, I’ve already per-determined the books that I know I want to own and add to my shelf in terms of new releases for 2017 and I am limiting myself to only buying those books brand new for the year.


Stop procrastinating. This is definitely a problem that I have. I also have a hard time staying focused on a single task. I haven’t been professionally diagnosed with ADD so I won’t call it that, but I really struggle with staying focused. I’m going to try and work on that to the best of my ability this year and stay focused and determined to read. I did raise my Goodreads reading challenge goal by 10 books this year for the first time in forever. I know I can do it if I just stay focused.


Meet more new people via reading! 2016 may have not been the best of years, but it was a pretty great year for me personally. I finally met the many other Toronto book bloggers for the first time and they have become some of my closest friends ever since. I would love to be able to meet more people this year through bookish events, signings and all that jazz!


Stay on top of those ARCs. One, I need to stop being afraid to say no. I have to understand that I can’t say yes to ever ARC that is offered to me or I’ll never be able to shrink my personal TBR. Two, for the ARCs that I do accept, I want to be sure that they are ones that I am actually really excited to read, otherwise I was unwillingly leave them neglected. Three, I need to stay on top of the ARCs that I do request/receive. Instead of waiting to read them a week before I need to have a review up, I’m going to try my hardest to read them as I receive them.


Don’t be afraid to DNF. If I’m really not liking what I’m reading, I am going to have to just accept the fact that I don’t like the book and I’ll have to put it down. I don’t like the idea of doing this often, but if I get to the halfway point of a book and it took me a week to get there and I’m still not enjoying it, I need to DNF it. Life is too short to waste time reading something that you’re not enjoying. There are so many books out there that I really want to read and I need to make more time for them.

And there you have my 2017 Bookish New Year Resolutions! What are your resolutions this year?

Thank you for reading!




20 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions: 2017!

  1. They are really great resolutions and I really hope you accomplish them! As for me, I’m hoping to finish some of my old unfinished series which are kept on hold. 😀


  2. Happy new year!!!
    All your resolutions are great, I myself raised my challenge by 10 books as well but that is turning into a theme of mine.. 2015 – 50 books, 2016 – 60, you get the idea. 😀 But I don’t think I will stop buying books and going to the library just yet. Especially since I read in English, and there are not many books in English available in my library… I don’t think they even lend them out, at least they didn’t years ago.

    One of my resolutions is to do more book related things. I’m not a proper book blogger so I still have to work on that. I do have plan… but I mean, I’ve been so bad with that plan for a year now, that I don’t even know if it will work. I’m thinking about creating a new Instagram as well, just for my book posts, but it seems like a hassle to log out and in constantly. How is your experience with that?

    I would love to meet you in real life! Ever end up in Estonia, gimmie a call! 😀 😀

    PS: I DNF’d one book in 2015 and 3 in 2016.. I’m definitely getting more critical with my reading so I guess that’s why. I feel a bit guilty adding them to my challenge though, but I exceeded with my challenge so it’s all good, I guess! 😀

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    1. Happy New Year!!! I wish I had the courage to increase my reading challenge every year haha! This is the first time I’ve done it! I think I’ll be able to make it for sure though!

      It must definitely be tough to read in a language that isn’t your first language, especially when it comes to borrowing from a library! I wish I could speak another language! We were taught French in school (Quebec French) and I did so badly haha! I only know a few words here and there but I could never speak in full sentences. My parents are also both Italian-Canadians, they were born here but know how to speak Italian, but never taught me! I wish they did haha!

      I would definitely make an instagram account! Instagram has a feature now where you don’t have to log in and out anymore, you can be signed in to both account and toggle back and forth!

      I’m actually (hopefully) planning to go to Helsinki in 2018 and I here that Estonia is just a ferry-ride away! Is that true?! Because then there may definitely be a chance that we could meet one day!!!

      I feel like I’ve also only DNF’d like a maximum of three books in a year! I always feel guilty about adding them to my challenge as well, I never know if I should 😛

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      1. Oh I wish I learned Russian when I was a kid but in my hometown, it wasn’t that common to hear Russian, unlike the capital and some other more Russian-populated towns here in Estonia, but now it is too late. I understand it on like a 20% capacity but it’s not enough when you’re working as a shift manager and your client doesn’t know Estonian nor English. So I totally understand the need to know more. 😀

        Oh, I must check that toggle thing out, because that would be a lot easier!

        YES! It is like 8o something km from Helsinki to Tallinn, and a lot cheaper on our side, haha. 😀 It would be totally awesome if you could spend a day (take a ferry in the morning and go back in the evening) in Tallinn! Omg, I hope that happens! 😀

        If I’ve read like half of the book that I’ve DNF’d, I feel like it should be okay… I’ve spent enough time on it to give it a chance. 😀

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      2. I really do still want to learn a new language, but I also feel like it’s just too late haha! I’d really love to learn Finnish or Swedish if I could though!

        The toggle on Instagram is honestly the best new feature that they’ve added haha! I love it!

        Oh wow! Okay! If I make it over to Helsinki, hopefully by 2018!, I will definitely work spending a day in Tallinn into my schedule!! Ah! I wish I could come sooner! But I’m going to Tokyo in February and I feel like that might eat away at my travel money for the year 😛

        That makes perfect sense! I usually try to read at least half the book before deciding to DNF 😛

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      3. Finnish is really similar to Estonian but they are not the same, sometimes words sound the same but mean different things. For instance a “kull” means “eagle” in Estonian but “penis” in Finnish. 😛
        But I think Estonian is a bit harder to learn, so I don’t recommend it over Finnish. 😛
        I have developed a little crush on Canada ever since I found out that Supernatural was filmed there, and many Canadian cities are the perfect filming locations for big US cities. So who knows, maybe I’ll end up in Canada some day too! 😀

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      4. LOL I will keep that particular word in mind if I ever decide to learn Finnish/Estonian 😂 There’s actually a hockey player on my favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, that was born in Estonia! Leo Komarov!

        Haha! Yes! Supernatural is filmed in Vancouver which is actually a 4.5 hour plane ride from Toronto. That’s the thing about Canada…it’s so huge whereas in Europe everything is so close to one another! I’m so jealous of that.

        Toronto (where I’m from) is usually used as a filming location to imitate New York City! But then there are the suburbs close to Toronto where shows like Hemlock Grove were filmed that have more of a small town feel 😛

        Hopefully one day you’ll be able to visit Canada! Toronto specifically 😛


      5. OOoooh, that’s so cool! I did not know that!

        I would love to go into the wilderness of Canada though. Like, I would love to spend 2 days in the city, but then I’m heading for the country towns and mountains because I gravitate towards the greenery more when I travel. That’s why my #1 travel destination is Iceland at the moment. Though New Zealand would be amazing as well!

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      6. yeah, the wilderness is definitely beautiful! I try to venture off every once in a while 😛 Iceland would be beautiful & they have super cheap flights (at least from Toronto) now!

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      7. Yah, the flights might be tolerable in terms of the price, but the island itself is rather expensive. I was also recommended to spend more than 2 weeks there, as there’s so much to see, which is impossible since I can’t get that much time off from work ever. But we’ll see.. maybe I will go on an adventure when I hit my midlife crisis. 😀


  3. Hi Maria! I’ve just connected to your site and look forward to checking out your reccommendations! Happy new year to you!
    Allison Casamatta

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    1. Hello Allison!! I’m glad you found my blog!!! I hope you’re able to find some recommendations through me! Happy New Year and I hope you had a wonderful holiday!!


  4. I definitely need to start reading the books I own! I don’t buy that many books anymore (use the library way more) but I probably only read a few out of the several books I bought last year. I’m actually afraid to count how many haha.


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