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Reader Confessions #BookTag!


Hello everyone! I was tagged by the lovely Jesse over at BooksAtDawn to do the Reader Confessions Book Tag! Thank you so much for tagging me to confess my sins Jesse, I’m super excited to participate in this tag! Everyone should go give Jesse’s blog a follow, he’s amazing and his blog is awesome!


Have you ever damaged a book?

Not intentionally! A lot of people may judge me because of how pristine I try and keep my books. When buying a new one at the store, I try to find the copy that has no bends or tears of any kind, no matter how minuscule. However, if I happen to damage one by accident, it’s not the end of the world, however…a little piece of my soul may be damaged.

Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

Once again, not intentionally. I try really hard not to borrow things from friends because I’m worried that I won’t be able to take care of their things based on their personal standards. If I ever do borrow something though, I make sure to take extra precautions.

How long does it take you to read a book?

Honestly, it depends on the novel. There are times where I can finish a 500+ book in two days whereas there are other times when it takes me two weeks to finish a 200 page novel. It all depends on how much I’m enjoying it I suppose. Generally, I would say I’m on the slower side of the reading scale. I have a pretty short attention span which makes it hard to keep focused on a book for a long period of time if I’m not completely in love with it.

front-cover-zebulon-finch  sleep  20523860

Books that you haven’t finished?

I try my best not to DNF books unless I absolutely cannot stand the idea of reading another page. There have only been a few, but these books include: The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch, Before I Go To Sleep & Palo Alto.

everything-everything1-e1441301042528  simon-vs-the-homo-sapiens-agenda  tumblr_oc0z32uudz1qaouh8o1_400

Hyped popular books that you don’t like?

Hmm there has been a few of these over the last few years. As mentioned earlier, Before I Go To Sleep as well as: Lily & The Octopus, Everything Everything, Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda & The Girl On The Train. There’s nothing wrong with these novels, they were all just over hyped for me personally.

Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading?

Nah. I’m not really one to be embarrassed by what people see me reading…probably because I really don’t care. If I’m enjoying it, that’s all that matters.

How many books do you own?

Please don’t make me go count. It’s an absurd number. Hello, my name is Maria and I am a hoarder.

Are you a fast reader or a slow reader?

I would say I’m on the slower side compared to other book bloggers, but on the faster side when it comes to my friends and family that also happen to be avid readers.

Do you like to buddy read?

I’ve never tried, but I suck at following timelines and being told when I need to read or not read something. I’m more of a go-with-the-flow type person, so buddy reading may just not be for me.

Do you read better in your head or out loud?

Reading out loud reminds me of elementary school. Stumbling over words and people giggling, so no thanks. I’d rather read in my head where I can stumble over words all by my lonesome.


If you were only allowed to own one book, what one and why?

We Are The Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson because it is inspiring, beautiful and I know that I could read it multiple times without ever getting sick of it.

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14 thoughts on “Reader Confessions #BookTag!

  1. I’m similar to you, I’m slow compared to other book bloggers and fast compared to my family and friends. Also Hello Maria Fellow Hoarder, I am Hannah also a big hoarder and who is going to the bookstore later despite not needing any new books… I have a problem

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    1. LOL hello fellow hoarder! I have a few pre-orders that just made it to my mailbox as well…where in the world will I put them? I have no idea anymore…I also have a problem! 😛


    1. Haha it’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s just that it was so overhyped and I expected something amazing and it just didn’t get there for me lmao! And yes we can definitely still bond over we are the ants, falling kingdoms and hopefully At The Edge of the Universe soon! 😁👌🏻💕

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