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Fan Expo Canada: Sunday + Haul!


The Gush

Remember how I was questioning how in the world I managed to survive going to a con for 4 days in a row during my last post? I’m seriously questioning it even harder now. I am actually so exhausted…and I took Saturday off to relax. I really must be getting old. Other than my obvious aging, Fan Expo Sunday was fantastic! I got an autograph, I attended a Q & A panel and I bought a few more goodies! You can check everything out below!

The Celebrities

*photo-op from 4 years ago

I splurged on an autograph first thing Sunday morning, from the one and only Christopher Lloyd! I met him 4 years ago now at my first Fan Expo and this experience was just as great! He’s such a genuinely nice human being and I absolutely love him to death. I got him to sign my 30th Anniversary edition Blu-ray of the Back To The Future trilogy and it’s magnificent.


I then decided to attend the Daredevil panel on a whim with Shelly & her sister Karen! Sorry for the poop photo. My phone can only zoom so far. Just know that it was fantastic and Charlie Cox + Elden Henson = hilarity.

The Haul

Look at these prints. Just look at them. Thank you again Artist’s Alley. Once again, I just felt the need to honour Anton Yelchin and what better way to do that than by displaying this beautiful print. The same artist (I didn’t catch her name *shame*) also had this beautiful Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders that I just could not pass up.


Okay. This is just adorable and everyone should know by now the extent of my love for Twenty One Pilots. Yes, they’ve blown up intensely recently, but their lyrics will always speak to me and they will always be my favourite.


I also grabbed the first and fifth issues of Deadly Class. I eventually want to collect them all, but I figured I’d start out with these issues for now!


Yes, I’m going to Japan in February…no, I could not wait for some Green Tea Kit Kat. Pocky was a bonus!


I know some people have issues with Hogwarts houses being combined, but honestly I don’t know what I really am between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. I’ve taken many quizzes and I always get one or the other. Maybe I have a split personality disorder? Anyway…when I saw this shirt I knew I needed it because it understood my identity crisis so well.



There was this super cool Mr. Robot set up with working arcade games and FREE popcorn!

Beam me up, Scotty.

And just like that…another Fan Expo weekend has come and gone. My feet hurt. My shoulders hurt. I’m probably dehydrated, but it was all totally worth it! Looking forward to Toronto Comicon in March!!

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