Fan Expo Canada 2016: Friday + Haul!


The Gush

Oh my gosh. Another year has passed and a brand new Fan Expo is among us! I usually attend all four days of the con, but alas, I have also just booked a trip to Tokyo freaking Japan and that took a lot of my wallet. Sad single tear. But I just couldn’t not go at all! I decided to purchase tickets for the Friday and Sunday! After about 5 hours of walking around both the North & South buildings of the Metro Toronto Convention Center I began to question myself. How have I been able to do this for four whole days in the past? My feet were dying. My shoulder was dying. I was dying. Am I getting old? Another sad single tear. However, no matter how much death I was experiencing, Fan Expo was fantastic and I had yet another wonderful Friday experience! I didn’t get any autographs or take any photo ops, but I still had a wonderful day of shopping and perusing! Are you ready to see what I purchased on Day 1? Here we go!

The Haul

Can we just take a look at these stickers for a moment? Thank you Artist’s Alley! The only ones I didn’t get this year were the F Society and Naked Man Reading stickers. I decided to only stick Spock and Chekov onto my laptop for now. I’m still trying to decide where to stick the rest of the Star Trek crew. Um, look at how adorable the Bucky & Cap with their Starbucks stickers are. I died. And we can’t forget about Mike & Eleven. So cute.

I picked up a few comics as well! Volume 1 & 2 of Descender, I’ve read volume 1 already, but I didn’t own it physically. Morning Glories as was recomended by Jesse! Alex + Ada because I’ve heard wonderful things. Jughead because Archie is my life. And Tokyo Ghost by Rick Remender because RICK REMENDER aka the author of my favourite series ever Deadly Class.

I also picked up twp graphic novels that I’ve been meaning to read for a long time now! Fight Club 2 because, well…do I really need to explain myself? And Essex County which I’ve heard so many good things about!


For those who somehow don’t know, Back To The Future is my favourite film of all time! I saw this at the Sonic Boom booth and due to the price I walked away from it…until I had time to process my stupid decision and walked back to buy it immediately. I mean…it’s THE ORIGINAL SCORE. I hum this shit in my sleep people.

Yes. I went crazy with Stranger Things. Do I regret it? Not a chance. BARB DESERVED BETTER.

Did you know it’s the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek? Of course you did. I just needed to get my hands on these collectible stamps and silver coin. I grew up a trekkie and I will continue to be a trekkie until the day I die. I also needed to get this little Chekov Funko Pop. I still can’t wrap my head around the tragedy surrounding Anton Yelchin. He was such an amazing actor and this is my little tribute to him.


The entire 4th season of Orphan Black has already aired and been released on DVD and I still haven’t seen it. Shame…shame…shame. Time to binge thanks to the HMV booth!


BUTTONS. That is all.

And there you have my Fan Expo Canada Friday Haul!! Stay tuned for a Sunday Haul…although, I really shouldn’t be spending any more money…


9 thoughts on “Fan Expo Canada 2016: Friday + Haul!

    1. I definitely will as soon as I get around to reading it!! I’m in the same boat in terms of having a million things in my TBR before that haha


  1. Woooo! Such a great haul. I still haven’t picked up Jughead Vol. 1. I have been on a hunt for a good deal on it for a while, but no where has it. Sad.

    I hope you like Morning Glories! It’s weird and confusing as fuck, but interesting and quick to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It took me SO LONG to find it, but they had a few copies scattered around at different booths at fan expo! I’m actually really excited to read Morning Glories! The girl at the booth recommended it to me and I was like OH! Jesse reads this!!! haha


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