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#ReadThemAllThon: Week 3 + Wrap Up


I can’t believe 3 weeks has come and gone just like that! I would like to thank Aentee @ Read At Midnight for creating this wonderful read-a-thon that made me read to my full potential! Let’s take a look, for the last time, at what I read during the week. Click here to see my recap of week one and here for my recap of week 2!


Sunday August 28th 2016

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So, I went to a Toronto Blue Jays game today! We won and it was fantastic…but I didn’t get to read much. I did tweet for 2 CP though! I only read 20 pages of The Great American Whatever which earned me 2 CP. I did also manage to write a review of Tell Me Something Real which earned me 20 CP!


Monday August 29th 2016

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I swapped out Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes (don’t worry Jesse, I’ll be reading it soon I promise!) for Carry On by Rainbow Rowell for the Marsh Badge. I managed to read 275 pages of Carry On earning me 27 CP. I also read 204 pages of The Great American Whatever for another 20 CP. This brought me to the end of The Great American Whatever which got me another 20 CP.  I also sent out one tweet for 2CP!


Tuesday August 30th 2016

I read another 55 pages of Carry On for 5CP! I swapped out You Know Me Well by David Levithan and Nina LaCour for Holding The Man by Timothy Conigrave for the Soul Badge. I then read 100 pages of Holding The Man for 10 CP!


Wednesday August 31st 2016

I didn’t read much at all today. Just another 65 pages of Carry On for 6 CP.


Thursday September 1st 2016

I’ll be honest. I forgot to track what I read today, so I’ll just be adding everything in to tomorrow’s tally.


Friday September 2nd 2016

It’s going to seem like I read a lot today, but that’s only because I definitely did not track a single page that I read yesterday. Oops. I did also go to Fan Expo Canada today which was super amazing and I’ll be writing a post about that soon! I read 122 pages of Carry On for 12 CP which brought me to the end of the book for another 20CP. I read 138 pages of Holding The Man for 13 CP which then allowed my Dratini to evolve into a Dragonite for hitting 400 total CP!


Saturday September 2nd 2016

Today was my day of rest after an eventful Fan Expo Canada Friday! I didn’t read a thing today, but I did write a review for If I Was Your Girl for 20CP! I really wanted to finish reading Holding The Man today, I only have 40 pages left…but I’m just too dang tired 😦

The Wrap Up

As you may have already noticed, I did not complete all of the challenges for #ReadThemAllThon but I am extremely happy with what I did manage to read. I loved pretty much everything and the read a thon definitely provided me with the drive to push myself to read more!

I read a total of 5 books (almost 6) for a total of 2058 pages.

The books I read were: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab, Tell Me Something Real by Calla Devlin, If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo, The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle, Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and I’m just 40 pages away from finishing Holding The Man, but alas I will not be finishing it by the end of the readathon due to Fan Expo Canada.

The books I didn’t get to were: East of West by Jonathan Hickman and Rebel of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton.

Total Badges Earned: 5



I earned a total of 480 CP throughout the read-a-thon!

Trainer Card - Pokemon Readathon-week3-01

 I can’t wait to participate in another one!


3 thoughts on “#ReadThemAllThon: Week 3 + Wrap Up

    1. I tried sooo hard haha! I really wanted to be able to finish everything, but I was definitely unsuccessful haha! yeah I’m not so great with read-a-thons or read-alongs either, I have such a poor reading pace 😛


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