#ReadThemAllThon Update: Week 2


day1Sunday August 21st 2016

Once again, this was a day of reading absolutely nothing. I helped a friend at a fundraiser she organized and it was a busy, but fun, day of festivities!


Monday August 22nd 2016

Today I wrote a review for This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab that earned me 20CP  which you can read here! I also read 36 pages of Tell Me Something Real which earned me another 3CP.


Tuesday August 23rd 2016

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Today I tweeted under the #ReadThemAllThon hashtag twice which earned me 4CP. I also tweeted using the Pokémon Go feature which earned me 5CP. I read 31 pages of Tell Me Something Real for 3CP which brought me to the end of the novel earning another 20CP and the Volcano Badge! I also read the first 10 pages of East of West before falling asleep which also earned me 1 extra CP.


Wednesday August 24th 2016

I hit 150 CP which means my Dratini evolved into a Dragonair which means I get another 50CP! I also started reading If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo, but because it’s an ebook, I’ll just add the page count worth of CP once I finish reading it.


Thursday August 25th 2016

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 I finished listening to the audible audio drama Romeo & Jude, which wasn’t a part of my Read A Thon TBR, but it was an accomplishment nonetheless. I also finished reading the rest of If I Was Your Girl which has a total of 270 pages earning me 27CP and 20CP for finishing it. This also got me the Cascade Badge! I also tweeted twice, gaining me 4CP.


Friday August 26th 2016

I wanted to read more today…I really did…but I only managed 10 pages of The Great American Whatever before falling asleep without realizing it.


Saturday August 27th 2016

 only managed another 35 pages of The Great American Whatever in between a day of many errands. It’s looking like I won’t be completing all of the books I had planned for this read-a-thon, but hey, you never know!

Here is my trainer card so far! 1 more week to go!

Trainer Card - Pokemon Readathon - Aug27-01


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