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Graphic Novel Review: Deadly Class, Vol.4: Die For Me



Deadly Class, Vol.4: Die For Me

Author: Rick Remender

Illustrator: Wes Craig

Publisher: Image Comics

Genre/Themes: Sequential Art, Comics, Dark

Release Date: August 9th 2016

Page Count: 136

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781632157188

Author Website | Illustrator Website
Book Depository | Amazon | Chapters/IndigoGoodreads

Where do I even begin. This volume made me go through so many emotions, I can’t even think properly. I needed to take a few days to think about what I read before I could even begin to write this review…and I’m still struggling to find the right words.

Die For Me picks up right where The Snake Pit left off. The Freshman Finals. Basically, it’s the Legacies pinned against the Rats. The Legacies are the privileged students who have ties to Kings Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts and the Rats are those who have no ties to the school whatsoever. The students must kill as many of the opposing group as possible within a certain amount of time and those who survive get a passing grade.

The amount of blood, gore, death and betrayal within this volume was absolutely insane. The action was constant, from start to finish with absolutely no time to catch your breath which worked well with the nature of the story, being a race against time and death and all. The entire time I was reading this arc, I was just waiting for something terrible to happen…as is tradition with Deadly Class. There are endless twists and an epic amount of death, especially within the last issue, that had me feeling all of the emotions. The swans. Man, the swans. I’m crying.

Honestly, it’s really hard to talk about this without spoiling the hell out of it. All I want to do is rant and discuss everything that happened. I’m still in shock over what did happen and for the first time ever, I think I might start picking up single issues as I can’t possibly wait until the next volume comes out.

In other amazing news, Deadly Class has been picked up as a television show and I am beyond excited. I’ve always dreamed of this series becoming a television show or film and now those hopes and dreams are finally coming true. I’ve seen a lot of comics being adapted into television series lately, and they have all been pretty darn great.

From the beginning, Deadly Class has been one of the best graphic novel series I have ever read. I picked up the first volume on a whim based on the front cover alone and I’m forever glad that I did. It has turned out to be my all-time favourite series and I absolutely cannot wait to read more!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 3.23.46 PM

If you want to learn more about the events that took place in this volume, check out this awesome interview with Rick Remender! BUT BE WARNED, THE SPOILERS ARE REAL.



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