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Audio Book Review: George by Alex Gino



Author: Alex Gino

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Genre: Middle Grade, Contemporary, LGBTQ+

Release Date: August 25th 2015

Length: 2hrs 57 mins

Format: Audio Book

ISBN: 9780545812542

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Maria's Rating -5-01

First of all, I am so happy that this book exists. More books like this need to exist. George is one of those books that is beyond important, especially because it is written for the middle grade audience. I have come across a few other novels that deal with the same themes as George, but none of them have been written for children.

George is about a young girl who is trapped in a young boy’s body. George knows she is a girl and she is beginning to experience the effects of feeling stuck in the wrong body. George’s class has just finished reading Charlotte’s Web and are planning to preform a school play based on the novel. All George wants is the opportunity to play Charlotte. She believes that by doing so, those around her will realize how much she is meant to be a girl. Of course, not everyone is as accepting as she hopes.

I know that parts of the world feel that it is still necessary to ban books for whatever reason, but I’m glad that I live in a country that, for the most part, doesn’t ban books. I know it still happens in some small towns, but generally, Canada is a country in which banning books is not common practice. I’ve never had to deal with the struggle of not being able to acquire a book because someone sees it unfit. All books are important. Books like George are extremely important and they should not be locked up and out of reach.

George is a beautiful book that teaches something new to all readers, regardless of their age. It shows that although there are going to be a lot of people along the way that don’t agree or cannot comprehend the idea of transgender people, there are those important people who do understand, who are accepting and who will love you no matter what.

I absolutely love the fact that the audiobook is narrated by Jamie Clayton. I love her work in the Netflix series Sense8, and she was the perfect choice to narrate this novel.

Books like George are important for young readers as they should be exposed to the LGBT+ community, especially those who may be starting to think that they belong in the community. They need to know that they aren’t alone and that there are other people out there who are exactly like them and who are going through the same things that they are.

George is filled with beautiful characters that make up a beautiful story that is ABSOLUTELY worth checking out.


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