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The Wicked + The Divine, Vol.2: Fandemonium (Graphic Novel Review)

twtdtpb2-2x3-3001The Wicked + The Divine, Vol.2: Fandemonium

Author: Kieron Gillen Illustrator: Jamie McKelvie

Publisher: Image Comics

Genre: Graphic Novel, Sequential Art, Fantasy

Release Date: July 1st 2015

Page Count: 168

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781632153272

Author Website | Illustrator Website

Book Depository | Amazon | Chapters/IndigoGoodreads

Maria's Rating -4-01


I must say, I am really enjoying this series! The Wicked + The Divine, Vol.2: Fandemonium, picks up soon after where we left of after the first volume. Things have picked up and the story has definitely become more intense.

Laura is still on a mission to discover who is behind the tragic events that occurred within the first volume and a few of the gods now seem more willing to help her out.

A few more characters/gods are introduced and while I worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep track of them all, once again, the differentiation in the way they look and act and even speak helps me to keep track of who’s who really easily.

I love that each of the gods has a different personality and visual style. What’s even more interesting though is the decision to even make their speech bubbles appear different from one another based on their personalities. I’m not sure if I even noticed that in the first volume to be honest. Using different typefaces and speech bubble shapes depending on the characters and their personalities is one of the coolest and most unique decisions I have ever seen within a graphic novel!

Another thing I love about these characters is the androgyny of them all. I think that aspect really adds to the fact that they are supposed to be these mythical gods. Most of them do not appear obviously as any one gender which I think is amazing. I especially love the introduction of the character/god Inanna, he reminds me a lot of Prince visually.

There were a few moments within the story that I semi-predicted, but I didn’t hate it. It felt more like, *yes! I was right!* than *ugh, that was predictable*. I guess I wanted these moments to happen and when they did I was super excited! Although, there were definitely moments that I did NOT see coming at all.

Just when I thought we were finally learning more about Laura and her part in this whole story, the ending of this second volume completely derailed all thoughts and ideas I had. Thank goodness I have the third volume waiting to be read on my shelf. That ending would have driven me nuts if I didn’t have the next volume ready to go!

I’m super excited to continue with this series! I found this volume to be a lot more exciting than the first and it has definitely pulled me in! Volume three, here I come!

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