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Trust The Focus (Book Review)

226636031Trust The Focus

Megan Erickson

Publisher: Intermix

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+

Release Date: March 17th 2015

Format: eBook

Page Count: 222

ISBN: 9780698194625

 Author Website | Kobo | AmazonGoodreads

Maria's Rating -4-01

Now, I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as someone who enjoys reading New Adult novels. They are just not typically my cup of tea. However, once in a while I just feel like reading something a little fluffier, that doesn’t require too much thinking. A quick, enjoyable read to break a heavy reading slump.

I have definitely been going through a bit of a slump and I decided to look for something a little more fun and upbeat, such as a new adult novel that could potentially break the spell. As I was browsing through different new adult novels on Goodreads, I found that all of their synopsis sounded too generic and boring or just altogether unappealing. That is until I stumbled across Trust The Focus by Megan Erickson.

I have read quite a few novels that centre around a gay main character and these novels have been some of my most favourite books of all time. That being said, I had never read a new adult novel that dealt with gay main characters.

For those who are unaware, new adult is a genre that is one step above young adult. The new adult genre still contains the cute and fun moments that you would find in a young adult contemporary, but also includes a few sexier scenes that you might find in an adult romance novel.

I was unsure how I would feel about Trust The Focus, not because of the LGBTQ+ themes, but because I just simply am not that that into reading new adult. That being said, I really did thoroughly enjoy this novel! Sure, Trust The Focus had its fair share of sex scenes and maybe just a little bit of fromage, but it also taught some amazing life lessons. It was a coming of age story, a coming out story as well as an extremely heartfelt story.

Trust The Focus tells the story of Justin, a young man who has just graduated from college and decides to go on a cross country road trip with his out and proud best friend Landry to spread his recently deceased father’s ashes at the locations that he loved to photograph before he passed away. What Landry doesn’t know is that Justin has been in the closet since high school and has been too afraid to come out.

I enjoyed the way the story was written as, for the most part, the new adult genre can be quite a bit cheesy for my tastes. In the very limited amount of previous new adult novels that I have read, sex scenes are thrown in left right and center just for the hell of it and the dialogue has mostly been cringe worthy. That was not the case with Trust The Focus. The dialogue was believable and it felt quite real and genuine. The sex scenes were limited and included in the story where it felt right.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this novel as much as I did and it was actually quite the pleasant surprise. I know there are sequels to Trust The Focus, which are more like spin-offs as they deal with different main characters. I’m not too sure if I will continue with reading them all, but I wouldn’t completely eliminate the possibility. Overall, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this story and I suggest picking it up if you are looking for something a little different when it comes to the new adult genre.


4 thoughts on “Trust The Focus (Book Review)

  1. I have this one on my TBR. I love the friends to lovers trope so that’s what drew me in initially. I’m more excited to read it now after your review since you said you don’t typically enjoy NA. The genre can be pretty hit or miss for me too so I’m glad you liked it!

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