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Book Reading Challenge 2016 – Around the Year in 52 Books!

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I’m not sure why I haven’t mentioned this yet, BUT I will be participating in my first ever year long reading challenge! I decided to go with Around The Year in 52 Books which I found out about through Goodreads! Basically, you plan out your reading schedule for the entire year based on a topic chosen for each week throughout the year.

I still haven’t picked out a few of the books I would like to read during this challenge, so if any of you have suggestions for my blank spaces, let me know! Also, many of these choices will most likely change as the weeks go by. I usually tend to jump around my TBR lists each month so I assume I’ll also probably jump around this list and read out of order!

Click HERE to view my reading goals! A banner will also be on the sidebar of my blog for the remainder of the year so you will always have easy access to my personal reading challenge where you can view my progress!




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