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Camp Midnight (Graphic Novel Review)

4662936-campmidnight_by_steven_t-_seagle_artist_jason_adam_rgbCamp Midnight

Author: Steven T. Seagle, Illustrator: Jason Katzenstein

Publisher: Image Comics

Genre: Graphic Novel, Humour, Quirky

Release Date: May 3rd 2016  

Page Count: 248

Format: ARC/eBook

ISBN: 9781632155559


Author Website | Illustrator Website

Book Depository | Chapters/IndigoGoodreads

Maria's Rating -4-01


I’m pretty sure everyone knows how much I love Image Comics. All of my favourite graphic novels and comic series come from this wonderful publisher. While browsing through NetGalley, I came across Camp Midnight, the story of a young girl who gets sent to the wrong summer camp by mistake. Instead of a summer camp for young teens, Camp Midnight is specialized for teens of the paranormal variety. First of all, I will read anything Image Comics publishes. Second of all, a summer camp for paranormal teens? Sounds like it’s right up my alley. Third of all, IT WAS FREE! So of course I picked it up!

Camp Midnight is a quirky and humorous story that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is definitely no secret that I love all things quirky and off kilter and Camp Midnight was definitely both of those things. I really enjoyed the artwork and the use of a monotoned colour scheme. I loved the sketchiness of it which I think added to the fun and humorous tone of the story.

Camp Midnight is the perfect blend of creepy and humorous. Two very different styles that can be hard to blend together, but when it is done right, can be very effective and entertaining. I found our main character Skye to be hilarious. I know some found her a little to snarky and cynical, but I must say, those are two of my most prominent characteristics! I related to Skye and I found myself chuckling as I related to her and her humour.

My only small and minor issue was that Camp Midnight ended a little too abruptly. There was a really good lesson to be learned throughout the story and I feel as though it kind of just came to a sudden halt towards the end. I wish the last moments of bonding between Syke and her new friend Mia were expanded a little longer. Their story, as well as the graphic novel itself, just kind of ended and that was it.

I will say that I did really enjoy Camp Midnight and I think that it’s genre fit perfectly with my general interests. It was funny and smart and ultimately did have a good moral lesson that was taught throughout the story and especially towards the end. I think young readers will love this story, especially if they are venturing into the world of graphic novels for the first time!


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