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Scream Queens: Series Premiere (Television Review)

Scream Queens. Yet another creation from the mind of Ryan Murphy. Scream Queens combines the humour and musical content of Glee with the horror and creepiness of American Horror Story. The combination of the two creates a wonderful contribution to the growing world of the campy-horror-comedy genre.

Scream Queens has quite a large cast consisting of many recognizable names. Murphy borrows some actors from his previous projects, such as Lea Michele of Glee and Emma Roberts of American Horror Story. Scream Queens also stars many other well known actors such as Abigail Breslin, Skyler Samuels, Diego Boneta, Keke Palmer, Oliver Hudson, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande. Probably the most well known actress, and appropriate for a show with the title “Scream Queens”, is Jamie-Lee Curtis, the queen of all scream queens.

Unfortunately, this premiere failed to impress me. It contained endless racial and sexual orientation stereotypes. I know this entire show is supposed to be a satire and these decisions were most likely made purposely, but I just didn’t find it funny. I only chuckled a few times and I was shocked by only one of the more horror-oriented scenes. Emma Roberts’ character is an awful person and feels very similar to her role in AHS: Coven. I don’t mind that Ryan Murphy is working with the same actors he has worked with previously, but please get a little more creative with them. Emma Roberts as the mean girl, Lea Michele as the quirky girl trying to fit in with the popular crowd, why do I feel like I’ve seen this before…oh yeah. The possible highlight of last night’s two hour series premiere was the very last scene which provides the audience with an intriguing cliffhanger. Overall, I just wasn’t that entertained.

The concept behind this show has the potential to be something great, but then again so did American Horror Story: Freakshow which I was terribly disappointed with. I will stick around and continue to watch the remainder of the season, mostly because I do still care enough to find out who the masked Red Devil character is and I’m hoping that the story will develop a little more as the episodes continue.


7 thoughts on “Scream Queens: Series Premiere (Television Review)

  1. The series sounds interesting but it’s disapointing that Lea Michelle and Emma Roberts seem to be playing the same roles again. Maybe the series will subvert it later on? Will probably watch it when it’s shown in the UK but I’ll keep my expectations low. Good review.

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    1. Yeah I was really disappointed in that aspect of the premiere. I also didn’t mention it in this review, but Ariana Grande also once again plays “the dumb one” in the group of girls. I hate seeing talented actors continuously playing the same part over and over again.


  2. Not even sure if I want to watch it.. though I like the gif you chose for this post. And that’s my problem with the shows these guys make – visually pretty, yet the story doesn’t support it and drags it down a lot. I quit watching AHS after I watched 1,7 seasons. Now, I want to start watching it again because Gaga looks stunning and the new cast has names that drag me in plus Roberts isn’t there anymore it seems. So.. I mean.. would Scream Queens even make the cut for me, probably not.

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  3. So far I only watched the Pilot episode and I’m not sure I’ll check out anything else. Basically everything about it annoyed me. The stereotypical characters, the very flat plot, the cheap horror.
    My hopes were up pretty high for Scream Queens but I got disappointed.
    Anyway, the review is great! =)

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