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fanex15-02Ah, the final day of Fan Expo. A sad day as the convention has come to a close, but also good because by this point you are probably extremely exhausted. Here I will discuss everything I purchased and all of the celebrity sightings on the very last day of the convention! Don’t forger to find out what I did on Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3!

– Comics & Graphic Novels –

Fight Club 2 #1

– Panels & Celebrity Moments –

There were quite a lot of celebrity encounters for me on the last day of the convention! I made the last minute decision to join Robin Lord Taylor’s photo op session! In case you are unfamiliar with Robin Lord Taylor, he is currently portraying The Penguin on Gotham and he’s doing a fantastic job of it if I do say so myself. Robin Lord Taylor was so personable and kind to each and every fan that showed up to meet him. He has the exact same mannerisms as The Penguin as he does in person which is part of what makes him so enticing! I’m glad I made the decision to meet him!

Later that same day I was scheduled for another photo op session with my best friend Heather! We were both extremely lucky enough to meet the one and only Mads Mikkelsen, who stars as Hannibal Lecter in (the now cancelled) Hannibal. I’m still really upset about this show being cancelled, but having the chance to meet the lovely Mads Mikkelsen was another highlight of the entire weekend. My friend Heather and I are huge fans of the show and we’re so happy to have met him!

I also decided to surprise/give my best friend Heather the early Christmas gift of meeting her ultimate girl crush Hayley Atwell. I wasn’t there to witness it, but Heather swears she was the nicest person and that she was even more beautiful in person!

– Collectibles –

As I mentioned earlier, my friends and I decided that we would get each other early Christmas gifts while we were at Fan Expo Canada as we knew we would definitely be able to find things that we would all love! My friends Robin and Heather bought me little plushies of Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon! I’ve wanted a Luna and Artemis for so long and I’m so glad to finally have them in my collection! Other than that I made some small purchases on  a few surprise boxes!

Luna & Artemis Plushies

Surprise Box: Cardcaptor Sakura
Surprise Box: Sailor Venus
Surprise Box: Sailor Saturn

And that’s a wrap on the Fan Expo Canada Weekend! I love attending this convention and I hope to attend many many more! Don’t forget to check out what I did on Day One, Day Two and Day Three! I hope you all found these posts to be fun and entertaining even though they strayed a little from the usual posts on this blog! Thank you for reading!


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