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Day Two of Fan Expo Canada takes place on a Friday, which is slightly busier than the opening day of the convention. It is still relatively breathable enough to shop around, but there are also a lot of panels to attend and more celebrity arrivals. Below you will find out about my experiences as well as a mini haul as I didn’t do as much shopping on Day Two as I did on Day One.

– Graphic Novels & Books –

As stated in my blog post highlighting Day One, graphic novels are much cheaper at fan expo than they are when purchasing them at a retail outlet. Most booths only charge the American pricing (cheaper than Canadian pricing) + no tax! I also managed to stop by the HarperCollins Canada booth where they had all of their books marked down to 30% off! Take a look at what I picked up!

Wolf In White Van


– Panels & Celebrity Moments –

The second I found out that Christian Slater was going to be in town to promote Mr. Robot finally airing on Canadian networks (not like we all haven’t watched the episodes on the internet already) I knew I had to be there. I managed to get into the panel where we were able to watch a screening of a Mr. Robot episode followed by a Q&A with Christian Slater! It was awesome to be able to watch the episode again knowing what I know now after watching the entire season already. Christian Slater was an amazing guy and answered everyone’s questions thoughtfully. I wasn’t able to obtain an autograph, but I did snap a few pictures!


That’s a wrap on Day Two of Fan Expo Canada! I didn’t do much shopping, but I was able to be a part of the screening/Q&A with Christian Slater promoting my favourite show currently on television! Don’t forget to check out what I did on Day One! Also, stay tuned for a blog post in the near future highlighting Day Three of Fan Expo Canada!


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