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fanex15-02Hello everyone and welcome to the first of FOUR posts detailing my experiences and purchases during Fan Expo Canada this past weekend! Thursday September 3rd was the first day of the convention plus it was on a work weekday which means that Thursday is the day to get your shopping done. Thursday is the least crowded of the four days which makes it really easy to look around and browse throughout the entire showroom. And let me tell you, I definitely shopped…a lot.

– Graphic Novels –

I had to snag as many graphic novels as I could this weekend, especially because most booths only charge the american price (which is a lot cheaper than the canadian price) plus no tax! Here’s a quick look at what I picked up on day one and be sure to look out for some reviews coming soon!

East of West, Volume 1: The Promise
The Fade Out, Volume 1: Act One

Wytches, Volume 1

The Wicked + The Divine, Volume 1: The Faust Act

– Prints + Artist’s Alley –

Artist’s Alley is one of the coolest parts of the Fan Expo experience. You can find unique and creative works of art featuring your favourite films, television shows, animes or whatever your little heart desires. Here are a few prints and knick knacks I picked up on day one!

Mr. Robot Print

Loki & The Winter Soldier Bookmarks

– Collectibles –

My favourite thing to collect has to be Funko Pop Vinyl figurines. I added quite a few to my collection on the first day of the festival by purchasing the ENTIRE Breakfast Club clan, including Principal Vernon, Captain Jean-Luc Picard & Data from Star Trek as well as Hannibal from…well, Hannibal.

The Breakfast Club Funko Pop Vinyl Figurines



Picard & Data Star Trek Funko Pop Vinyl Figurines


Hannibal Funko Pop Vinyl Figurine


– Clothing –

I also managed to snag some great t-shirts that I will proudly be wearing around for a long while. In case you haven’t realized yet, I love Star Trek. I grew up watching it as a kid and my first ever childhood crush was on Wesley Crusher a.k.a. Wil Wheaton ❤

Wesley Crushers T-Shirt

Star Trek T-Shirt
Back To The Future II Hat 

And that was a wrap on Day One of Fan Expo Canada a.k.a. “Shop ‘Til You Drop Day”. Stay tuned for a post detailing my second day at the convention!


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