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Saga, Volumes 2, 3 & 4! (Graphic Novel MEGA Review)

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 Maria's Rating -5-01


I knew I needed to continue reading Saga as soon as possible literally the second I finished reading Saga, Volume 1. The day after reading the first volume,  I went to a discount book store in Toronto while hoping and praying to find the remaining volumes in the graphic novel section and I was lucky enough to find volumes two and three!

Saga, Volume 2.

Saga, Volume Two starts right where volume one ended. We see the return of the fantastic main characters of Marko, Alana and their baby daughter Hazel as well as the return of the awesome secondary characters The Will & Lying Cat, Prince Robot IV and Izabel. On top of all of these fantastic characters, we are now introduced to a few new ones. We meet Marko’s parents as well as his former flame, Gwendolyn.

As I stated in my review of volume one, the character conceptions are fantastic and the same goes for volume two. I was hoping to see new creatures/aliens and I was hoping they would be just as creative. Fiona Staples did not let me down. Her artwork was just as fantastic as it was in volume one. I am seriously so impressed by it.

Mix a little bit of fantastic artwork by Fiona Staples with fantastic writing by Brian K. Vaughan and you can do no wrong. Just as it was in volume one, we have minor narration by Hazel from sometime in the future which I love. This time around, we also get some flashbacks as to how Alana and Marko met and eventually ended up together and the details of their love story. I love a good flashback!

Saga, Volume 3.

Of course I began reading Saga, Volume 3 the second I finished volume 2. I mean how could you not? I have literally put everything else aside so I could continue reading this fabulous series.

The advice to ‘kill your darlings’ has been attributed  to various authors across the galaxies…and Mister Heist hated them all. Why teach young writers to edit out whatever it is they feel most passionate about?  Better to kill everything in their writing they DON’T love as much. Until only their darlings remain.”

Once again, all of our favourite main characters are back for some more action! The writing has remained flawless and the character development has been fantastic! We also meet EVEN MORE new characters, but my personal favourite has to be Mr. Heist! I loved learning more about Gwendolyn and what her role will be as a character in this story.

Fiona Staples has continued creating fantastic art and new creative characters time and time again. She has definitely become one of my favourite artists in the graphic novel universe!

By the end of this volume, we realize there is going to be a time jump at the beginning of the next volume! I love when stories throw in a little flashback or time jump to spice things up a little and provide us with a little change of environment.

I didn’t yet own Saga, Volume 4 when I finished reading this volume, but I can assure you I ordered it the second I finished reading…and it arrived less than a day later! Thank you Indigo…and thank goodness your warehouse is in the city where I just so happen to live! Can you say fast delivery?!

Saga, Volume 4.

The second I got home from work, I ran to the mailbox knowing this volume was waiting for me. I opened the box and started reading right away!

As stated at the end of my mini review for volume 3, Saga Volume 4 starts off with a small time jump. Baby Hazel is now a toddler and her family is doing everything they possibly can to protect and raise her which ultimately starts causing some problems within their family relationship.

There are a few new character introductions once again. Usually too many characters can be a little overwhelming, but because everyone is so different from one another visually, it actually isn’t hard to keep track at all.

I’m very curious to see where a lot of these story lines will end up, and I am particularly excited to learn more about Sophie (The Will’s sister).

I love that I finally picked up this series, but I’m bummed that I read it all so quickly…but I couldn’t help it! It was just so good! The fifth installment comes out the Tuesday after Fan Expo Canada weekend a.k.a. Canada’s version of San Diego ComiCon so I’m hoping there may be some early releases happening at the con! I cannot wait to get my hands on the next volume!


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    1. Oh man that’s so difficult! I love them all so much, but I think volume one will always be what introduced me to the series and the characters, so for now I will say volume one! 🙂

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