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Sex Criminals, Vol.2: Two Worlds, One Cop (Graphic Novel Review)

Author:  Matt Fraction

Illustrator: Chip Zdarsky

Publisher: Image Comics

Genre: Graphic Novel, Sci-Fi, Romance

Release Date: February 25th 2015

Page Count: 128

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781632151933

Author Website | Illustrator Website | Purchase on Amazon | Book Depository Goodreads

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.11.49 PM

I recently attended Toronto comicon earlier this month and after reading Sex Criminals Volume 1, I was on the hunt for Sex Criminals Volume 2. I read the first volume last year and I loved it. It was my first graphic novel in quite a long time and it sparked my interest in getting back in to the graphic novel world. I had given the first Volume a 5 star rating and it ended with a bit of a cliffhanger so I was super eager to get my hands on volume 2. I could have easily purchased it through the Chapters/Indigo/Coles website or in store, but there is just something about buying a graphic novel at a comic book convention that is just so much more appealing and satisfying!

The story doesn’t exactly start from where the first volume ended with the cliffhanger. Instead, it skips forward into the future a bit with the main characters of Suzie and Jon dealing with the repercussions of their crimes.

We learn more about Jon and his past in this volume where as we learned more about Suzie in the previous volume. We are also introduced to a few new characters like Robert Rainbow, Jazmine St. Cocaine and Jon’s new therapist. This volume shifts in perspective a few times between Jon, Suzie, Jazmine and Robert Rainbow. I reallyliked this aspect! Although there were a lot of perspectives, it was neatly organized by having the thought bubbles in different colours depending on which character point of view we were in. I liked that the characters all touched on their pasts while we were in their points of view as we only really had the opportunity to learn about Suzie and her past in volume 1.

I won’t get into too much detail because no one likes spoilers, but my favourite character back story was that of Jazmine St. Cocaine. It was completely unexpected as she was only described as Jon’s favourite porn star in volume 1 so it surprised me to see her as an actual character with a backstory. Also, learning about Jon’s past and the issues he deals with was a pretty realistic and believable element to the storyline.

This story is just as hilarious as the first volume, if not more so. I missed the post it note Fat Bottom Girls scene though, not going to lie. It did work in some serious situations as well which keeps everything feeling realistic. It also definitely felt more sexual which is something the reader should expect in a comic titled Sex Criminals.

The artwork was just as great as the first time around. I especially loved the frames in which time was stopped. The colours are fantastic, especially in the scenes with Jazmine St. Cocaine. The writing is hilarious, clever and witty and I really enjoyed the little things like signs on doors and the text on things like the packaging of products within the comic.

Overall, if you haven’t already read the first Volume, I suggest you get on that! Volume 2 did not disappoint and I’m eager to continue with these graphic novels and see where this original and creative story goes!

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